one of the proud, one of our own

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    If I'm not mistaken this kid and his family were featured a while back on Extreme Makeover, Home last season, I think.
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    More, you are right, he and his family were featured on Extreme Makeover.
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    Thank you for posting this.
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    there is a god
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    That right there is the only episode of extreme makeover I watched. I remember when they were filming for the show, pretty close to where I live. I wanted to volunteer so bad because this kid is so amazing. But I had to work. Great video, awesome find.
  7. dannyboy

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    wonder if ups helped in the rebuild.

    i know they help a lot of other ways, but since this is one of our own......

    as you mentioned, the attitude of the young man was the same attitude that made this country the greatest place to live. and boy, can those fingers play!