Online paystub unavailable April 2

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    I just checked my paystub on upsers and there is a note that the online paystub function will be unavailable April 2 due to changes resulting from the small package transformation. We should still be able to view the 4/2 paystub on 4/1.
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    Good Question. Its Good Friday, I dont see why they need to shut it down, who knows.
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    I wasn't posing a question. I gave the reason for the shutdown. I was offering the information here so that folks would not be surprised when they try to check their stubs on Friday.
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    I get it, preemptive answering unasked question. attaboy.

    BTW, nice tone to your response to Tooner.
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    As part of the restructuring of the regions and districts that goes offically into effect on April 5, HR/payroll systems will need to be updated. Employee data will need to be changed so that employees are reflected in the proper new regions and districts. The I.S. team is making these changes beginning Friday and through the weekend.
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