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  1. Sdbrowntown

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    Can someone please help me understand the time cards on the upsers site? I’m scratching my head every week.
    How does this week pay out at 47.xx hours?

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  2. scooby0048

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    Go to the full online version. It shows your start and finish time and unpaid breaks.

    If you take 50-60 mins lunch, it adds up correctly not fully knowing what your "xx" is.
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  3. MattM

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    0.5 of one hour is 30 minutes

    0.75 of one hour is 45 minutes

    0.10 of one hour is 6 minutes

    Just multiply the 0.xx by 60.

    Pretty simple
  4. Sdbrowntown

    Sdbrowntown Amazon woman

    Thanks guys. I had several hours of waiting time each day and just wanted to make sure that wasn’t magically being added to my break time.
  5. scooby0048

    scooby0048 This page left intentionally blank

    So how did you figure out it wasn't?
  6. Poop Head

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    You got 1hour lunch. Lucky bastid
  7. Sdbrowntown

    Sdbrowntown Amazon woman

    Used to be forced. It sucked.
  8. Bubblehead

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    ....or turn your phone sideways to view it in landscape mode, which also shows those same details.
  9. Poop Head

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    I wish we had 1 hour lunch here. Only 30 mins. LAME