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  1. Kevinmevin

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    Is there overnight service really better then our ground overnight service that Amazon uses them and not us?? I get all my prime amazon stuff via OnTrac never UPS. They must be giving amazon a good bargin.
  2. Mr. 7

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    I'm sure they are cheaper b/c they're a much smaller company.
    Are the driver's independent too? Do they own their truck and route?
  3. dvalleyjim

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    They are independent, much like a franchise, one llc owns whole areas and employs the drivers i.e. airborne, wpx-space age. I was looking into them but it seems to be sown up in the san fernando valley.

    XFILED Member

    I order a lot of stuff thru Amazon and i love Ontrac...They get me my stuff quicker than anyone and the packages always seem to arrive in great condition...Most of the time I get it in 1 day instead of the 2 days that its supposed to take...I have lived at 2 different addresses in different areas and both places they are just as fast...
    I remember once paying the 3.99 more for 1 day delivery to get a package on Saturday and Fedex delivered it and my box was DESTROYED! The item inside had a piece broken off as well...The World On Time
  5. vantexan

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    The World Ontrac!
  6. fedex_rtd

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    The world onetime??? take a look at FedEx Express new tractors that the RTD's drive...The World on Time is NO LONGER on the rigs.
  7. TUT

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    Here in CA I get packages from Monoprice who uses Overnite, it's like $5 and it comes in the morning, wowzers. If you have regional shipping needs it's tough to beat regional shippers. The big boys overhead is simply miles larger.

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    Same Here...Ive ordered from Monoprice with Overnite and i also got it the next day at like 8am...Cant beat that..
  9. BrownBlue

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    Well when you only got 2 or 3 stops in your truck it would be easy to make earlier delivery times. PS why would you give your money, for shipping, to a company that pays its employees even less than Fred Ground? Do you need a shovel to help dig that grave?
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    IF there are only two or three stops in your truck, you shouldn't be making much.