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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by wage EARNER, Apr 6, 2014.

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    I don't know if this idea has been floated before with all the threads and pages about the wildcat strike in Queens. How about this. Instead of 250 drivers walking out. What if all of them lined up outside their center manager/DM's office and demanded an open door meeting as per UPS policy? Eventually management would tell everyone to go run their route. But, if you continued to push(delay) for your own personal open door meeting, you could drag it out for quite some time and still have the same effect as a 90 minute strike.

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    That would last about 30 seconds if 250 were standing in a line. There is no demanding when you are directed to leave and start your day.

    If you are looking to delay things a bit I would ask EVERYONE to sit for one hour at 1pm every single day for a week. We all know they aren't prepared to have that much freight come in late and some drivers may not clean. Do that for a week or even two weeks. It'll get the attention of management as paid days on both part and full time go through the roof. Now add in the service failures.
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    Open door is not necessarily on demand. It's perfectly acceptable to request that both parties schedule a mutually convenient time to sit down together.
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    Or everybody take lunch at the same time
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    If only we could get guys to take lunch.