Operation Northwoods circa 1962'

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    For those who believe gov't is always about goodness and the best interests of it's people!

    So you believe the above is from the nutjob Alex Jones? Good guess but not correct. From the private files of Fox Mulder? Another good guess, but wrong again.

    The dateline is May 1, 2001' and the source is none other than ABC News!

    Google "Operation Northwoods Documents" and you can read the declassified details yourself. If you were Castro, would you welcome a friend like this with open arms or would you close off your society in the hopes of protecting yourself? Would you even run into the arms of America's enemy in the hopes they may offer some element of protection? Then again, chasing Castro into Soviet arms sure makes it easy to make the case to the American public of what a real threat this guy is.

    Maybe that was the real point!

    I wonder what the gov't would do or say about a bunch of nasty Mexicans "WITH GUNS" south of the border?

    Al Qaeda?
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    Though it's twenty-seven years before my time, it doesn't surprise me.
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    The question now Newbie is this, Should we just view Operation Northwoods as just some random anomally of a zealous, radical element of gov't or has things like this happened again and again and we've just not known or seen of it? Or maybe it's in front of our noses and we're to scared to look!

    Seems rather interesting that our gov't considered

    1) Killing innocent people
    2) commiting acts of terrorism in US Cities
    3) orchestrating violent terrorist acts in US Cities
    4) And then trick the American people to blame someone else

    BTW: A little sidebar detail to consider.

    1962' Operation Northwoods was brought forth under a democrat adminstration (JFK) and at the time the US House was firmly controlled by the democrat party 263 to 174 and in the Senate, democrats had a fillibuster proof majority in 64 to 36. FDR had long ago packed the court so that wasn't an issue.

    I'm sure there will be those who will say that Northwoods was shot down by this democrat controlled gov't which is true (or is just made to appear this way?) but the military and intelligence community felt so comfortable in this environment that they even brought it up in the first place.

    Ironically, if you look at the CIA and other US covert foreign operations, you saw this same construct above being played out by US operatives all across the globe so I guess they figured if it worked abroad, it would work at home.

    The moral of the story is maybe we trust our gov't way more than we should!

    This is also what happens when people stop being seen as people and become nothing more than "things" on a spread sheet of central planning. Think of gov't as the UPS IE dept.!

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    I've come to figure that government, no matter what the party, will try anything to justify what THEY WANT.
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    If I'm reading this right the Joint chiefs developed the plan and the government actually squashed it?

    Don't see where the government did wrong on this one other then appointing the idiots who came up with this insane plan.
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    :nono2: and to think all the Pelosi bashing for insinuating the CIA was MISLEADING.....Imagine that, "How dare anybody says the CIA lies?...Off with their head !!!
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    Look at the bright side D, I'm the one who always sez,


    It is pretty sad when you don't really know who is telling the truth. Ron Paul and Walter Jones :censored2: the repub. party off when it was called for a vote on a republican resolution to investigate Pelosi on her assertion she was mislead over waterboarding. Both repubs voted against and Paul stated his reasons was this measure was nothing more than political games and would thus take the focus off the real issue and that was the use of torture by the US Gov't.

    I was gonna post this somewhere so this is as good a place as any!

    Ironically, yesterday Time released a story on Abu Jandal who was bin Laden's chief bodyguard and was captured, being held in a Yemini prison. Ali Soufan of the FBI and Robert McFadden of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service arrived in Yemen to interrogate Jandal and was able to obtain vital information all in exchange for a handful of cookies.

    The pressure and focus should be on the whole process of torture and our use of it and if during that process something of substance comes out about Pelosi that she was in fact not what she seems, she comes from a pretty hardcore district when it comes to war, torture and such and it may be they who might remove her from her speaker job instead of repubs having to resort to in fact a losing effort.

    But then, when you got no bullets in ya gun! I mean, after all these years they can't exactly got back with any serious measure and talk less gov't/less taxes with any believable measure now can they?