Opinions needed on a 20 yr mans firing...

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Big Brown Driver, Mar 19, 2010.

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    A co-worker of mine was fired. It went to panel & the company said no to his job, as did 2 of the union reps. His offense was a yard roll away that caused minor damage. The employee has no prior history & has been a good worker for nearly 20 yrs. First off, why would the union vote against him. Second, is there any other avenue he can pursue to get his job back? Many people in the past have had far worse roll aways and gotten their jobs back. Can he call the labor board, or his his only recourse a lawyer?
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    Sounds like he got screwed to me. I'd sue. UPS and the Union. Its been done here and the employee won. Ended up retiring from UPS many years later.
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    If what you say about his work history is true, then he got sold out. For whatever reason someone in management wanted him gone and they cut a deal at the panel to make sure it happened.
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    Nothing about this story makes sense, you are either leaving out alot of details, or making up a crummy story.
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    If the facts are on the driver's side, he can file a case in court, or with the regional NLRB office, or both.

    Is there any evidence "the fix was in" and the driver was intentionally "thrown under the bus?"

    Search the Internet for "duty of fair representation".
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    Good luck with the NLRB, It is still a government organization.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. Actually he's a combo guy. The roll away was while he was doing car wash. One thing I failed to mention, he won a big grievance last year($3,000 or so). In yalls opinions, how much does that factor in to company big wigs trying to get rid of him? With all said and done, with the facts present, do you think its worth his while to sue? Or even pursue to get his job back?
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    It sounds like more to this than you know, i guess my question would be who are you to say he is a good worker???? do you pay him???, who are you to say minor damage did it come out of your pocket did you possibly pay for the damage, what are the facts on the other roll aways - driver error??, mechanical error??, each accident is investigated and a decision is made on the facts.

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    As red and gr said this sounds fishy. I have seen a handfull of roll aways in my career and not all of them got fired and none of them lost there jobs permanently.
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    If the union sold him out, he must of liked the other slates that ran in the local elections..Their are politics in the union office..
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    Thats the stupidest thing i have ever read on here!!! And there have been some real doozies before you.
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    In all the years here, I've NEVER seen prejudice against an hourly by the "union reps", even if those hourlies were absolute SLUGS! Sure, there's been talk of "deals", "under the table plans", etc, but in the end, I've always seen the person treated fairly by the "union reps". Remember, I said, HERE!!! For all of you that come here to blast me and say it ain't so where you live.

    If you think there's more to the story, we'd sure like to hear it. Or if you KNOW, personally, more of the story. If you were actually in on this meeting, we'd like to see it.[/QUOTE]

    Where the heck is "here"? No disrespect, but it sounds like you work in Fantasy Island. There are countless documented examples of retaliation by union reps.

    The NRLB is an option, but you have to first prove that the union process was significantly compromised. It's almost impossible to overturn a panel descision because the NLRB standard of proof is so high, but I have seen it done.
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    20 years and no previous roll away/accidents,i would fight it vehemently.
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    Yes it was his first accident, yes i do know the facts, yes he has an excellant work history , yes it was a panel decision were 2 union reps voted against him and 2 from the company,, ask and i shall tell .
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    I have seen two rollaways here, both resulted in permanent job loss, only because it was the driver's third or fourth accident in the span of four and five years. First offence? I have my doubts.
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  18. srvhero

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    The union dropped the ball on that one. It's a sign of things to come. I hope I find other employment before the next contract. The union as we used to know it is slipping into a downward spiral. Good luck to your friend.
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    The union is slipping because we allow it. Every election we receive a ballot for office and 70% of the members do not take the time to return the ballot. I have seen many of :censored2: of UPSers on this site for several years, how many of you are willing to take the 2 minutes and fill out your ballot for somoenone other than Hoffa?

    Because that is what it is going to take. People need to know that we will take the time to vote. Many good canidates are out there, but they are scared to spend money to run because Hoffa has money. A spot on his slate will cost you $50,000 to $150,000 contributed to the slate and he has the name. But if every disgruntled UPSer just took the time to vote for anyone but him he would be voted out!

    Do you want the same people who traded us away this last contract negotiating your next contract?
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    I agree. It's about time the sleeping giant (non voting union members) wake up and vote. Our union reps have forgotten who they work for and I have seen them go after members with more passion than they put into enforcing our contract with UPS. I bet they will be kissing up to all the members come election time. We will not forget. They are suppose for work for us not the other way around. It's our union and it's time to take it back.