Opinions on where should I go next?

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    I started working at UPS 8/18/08. I'm currently still a loader and not too sure of what to do. A P/T Sup from another PD talked to me a bit and mentioned becoming a P/T Sup in 2 months. He said if he were me, he would send a (letter? I forgot what he said, but something that would have me considered for P/T Sup). I read somewhere that when I have been there for 6 months, I can try for Sorting/Irreg train/etc.

    I dont mind being a package handler, just asking for opinions on where I should head. I would have liked to be a driver (package car), but someone said I probably wont get there for another 10-15 years. Any advice/opinions on what I should do..or what I'm able to do?
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    depends on if u plan on going to college/staying at UPS etc

    if u wanna go to school, do the PT soup thing, get degree and go somewhere else

    if u dont wanna go to school or want the stress of being a soup do a good job as a loader switch around jobs load/unload/sort/ i dunno how it is there but here they generally let ppl move around a lot cuz we have so many call-ins/new people so they let the more experienced ppl do different stuff if u want try to get in smalls its easy as hell(u can get in smalls if ur really good at not getting missorts)... OR grind @ loading and become a driver(u would get it way b4 10-15 years) when i started here they told me 8-10 years.. i know people getting on as a driver after 2-3 years now i could be be one now if i pursued it
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    Get an education,keep your options open,look for something better.
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    I honestly dont know if I'll be going to college, Im still in HS btw. It would be kinda weird for an 18 yr old Sup telling older people what to do, lol. I sort of want to try everything. I'm thinking of heading to unloading once I complete my 6 months, then after I complete my year, head to sorting, then possible Irreg trains and so on.

    Also, how exactly would I go about driving the package car if I wanted to do so? I've heard you have to be 21, which I still have time left, but how can I be considered for it? I put my name on a list or something?
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    About driving, you have to be 21.

    Talk to HR and the union when that time comes. Until then you still have 3 more years inside.

    Most P/T sups are under 25 and quite a few are under 21. One thing about UPS- management likes having kids running around barking orders than someone older and wiser. They tend to bend but not break in stressful situations because the job gives a sense of leadership and responsibility that they probably don't have the experience to find the opportunity elsewhere. In some cases it also gives young P/T sups a sense of entitlement and superiority, which can obviously go awry.
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    ain't that the truth
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    if in school go pt sup. be looking to move on after school... everyone thinks they are going to be full time management..keep opp. open.

    if looking at being a driver then stay in hub. it's a 6 to 1 ratio. most of our pt drivers start after 2-3 year and some to in to package car about same amount of time

    Go to school now!! get it done now. that paper will open a lot of doors were ever you go! Good Luck
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    Dude, read the book, The Dip, it really gives you a great way to think when your making decisions. I wish I had read it 15 years ago. Its short and sweet, like a 1-2 day read. It will help you to know if something is worth pushing through or when quitting might be the best option.
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    Ask your full-timer if you can take the pickoff test. You get the extra dollar sort raise and you can stay on your belt if you like the guys you work with.
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    You should talk to a Union Steward and see how many people are on the list waiting to go full time driving. In some areas the list is very long, in others the can't find anyone that wants to drive. In my building they are dying for drivers and no one wants the job. You do have to be 21 and must have a clean driving record and no felonies. If you want to drive do not do the part time sup job as you will most likely never be allowed to go driving. There is no longer any seniority rights in management so if they did allow a p/t sup to drive management could pick whoever they want. Hourlies are promoted by seniority as the jobs are open. There are lots of factors to take into consideration, talking to some of the seasoned vets coud help you in making a decision.
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    This thread is older than my daughter. Regardless, I'd like to know what course of action the OP took.
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    Was checking some old threads and I laughed at my posts. 5 years later and I'm starting brand new again at UPS. I was rehired as a loader again. I've had several other jobs, but I regret the day I quit UPS. I would've been going into my 6th year this August. I plan on sticking it out this time to become a package car driver or go into truck driving. The motivation/plans are still there, they just got setback by some years, lol. Time goes by WAY too fast.
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    Orion team leader?