Oppurtunity available in Feeder Dept as Shifter- Please help me out.

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  1. Hi I got my CDL last week before I started working for UPS as PT Package Handler. 1st day of package handling I went up to HR and filled out a driver intention form for feeder driver. Next day HR lady calls me says come see me.

    I went to see her and she made me fill out an application for feeder department as a shifter. Then she made fill out some union stuff and sent me to get a drug test and DOT physical. So far she has not contacted me yet. It has been 3 working days since then.

    So I was wondering what is going on am I hired???

    Can I move from shifter to actual feeder driver from one hub to another???

    Please fellow truck drivers and UPSers please help me. I am sooo very confused.
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    Contact your teamster local union and ask for your business agent / representative.

    This is a question that each area may uniquely answer - but common at ups is you stay on the seniority list at the building you are out of per classification.

    Feeder is the end all be all - doubt you’ll get a crack at that golden opportunity unless they have exhausted their hiring practices locally
  3. But judging from the situation of them making me take the drug test indicate that I am hired??

    Also about feeders I guess what you are saying that it is possible but it will take a long time??
  4. Also does it help me get my foot in the door for end goal of feeder??
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    Ask your local business agent. Call them tomorrow morning. They will know who to call

    You have to understand that every region has slightly different practices.

    Feeder is the highest paying position in the company and the least amount of physical work. Most places have a long line of people signed up for consideration.

    If you don’t know who to contact ask people at your work who your shop steward is or if you have a union board
  6. Thank u so so much.

    Would u know starting rate for a yard shifter in your area?? By any chance??
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    Shifter rate will be determined in your local supplement I believe - the local union can answer all if those questions.
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    OP, While you’re talking to your BA or steward you should ask about when your next local meeting is taking place. If you made the P/T list you should attend. Getting to know some people in your local who have been around will help to answer most of your questions.
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    Do whatever you can and get that shifting job of the pay is right , in my local shifters make driver top pay
  10. What is dofference between a supplement and a contract??

    Will my shop steward have it??
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    Perfect 22.4 job! We can cut some feeder jobs!
  12. What is 22.4??
  13. All of this union stuff is just too mind boggling for me right now.