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  1. Not IN Trace

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    Told my SUP today i want to use one of my option days for friday..he told me no because he gave 3 other drivers the day off(not a option day off). I thought I could use my option days no questions asked??
  2. UPSGUY72

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    You need to give them at least a week notice. Remember if you would like a day off ask to use a personal day at least a week in advance if you really need a day off call in and book off.
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    The answer this last guy told you was total Bull Shiot...option days can be uses at YOUR OPTION not the companies....tell supervisor to pound sand and call in friday morning tell them you ARE taking a option day ...hang up....enjoy your long weekend sport!!!! BC
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    Yeah, they have to be submitted 8 days before, and they are approved/disapproved 7 days before. They don't ask questions....they just tell you that you can't have the day off.

    Like UPSguy said, if you REALLY want off, just call in. Personally I always go in or take an option day....I very rarely take a sick day, and if I do its cause I'm not gonna be doing anyone favors to go into work. Unlike lots of guys I work with who try to call off every Monday or Friday
  5. UPSGUY72

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    Great advice to get you written up at the least.
  6. robot

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    Edit: nevermind. Just reread. I thought you were using an option 3.
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    We get 7 option 3 days and one personal holiday. Option 3 can be used at your discretion (I just call in the day i need and tell them option 3, cause if you ask they almost always tell you no) I have never received any discipline for doing that. Personal holiday should be asked for in advance...but even still I have called in the day of and told them I am using a personal day. If they give you crap or a warning letter then grieve it. Remember, when it comes to warning letters I just shrug my shoulders and tell them "its not my first and I'm sure it wont be my last" :)
  8. UnsurePost

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    I'm pretty sure the option day/personal day protocal varies by region.

    Here in NE, we have to give one week notice. Management has 24 hours to approve or deny the day, and any denial can be followed up with by a steward to ensure the denial is warranted.
  9. grgrcr88

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    The OP needs to read his/her local supplement. Option days are different all over the country. Here in the central, we have 2 optional holidays that must be submitted 8 days in advance and must be aproved or denied within 7 days. The company must allow a certain number of optional days depending on the number of drivers on the street. We also have 5 single vacation days that are paid the first 5 days your off on a regularly scheduled work day. Wether it be a call in or a scheduled vacation day. These also must be submitted 8 days in advance and are aproved/denied within 24hrs. these do not have to be allowed and can be denied for any reason. All of these must be done with seniority in mind.

    If your in the central they cannot deny you an optional holiday if properly submitted no matter how many people are off or on vacation unless their are more people with optionals sheduled that have higher seniority than you. Here we are allowed 2 optionals per day. So if you were the 3rd senior person on any given day with an option request you would be denied! Otherwise you should not be denied.
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    It may be different depending on your supplement, but here you need to request an option day atleast one week in advance. The funny thing about my area is the company is only required to allow one person off per day for an option day, and in our feeder department we have over 200 drivers each with 2 option days. If you do the math you would realize there aren't enough days in the year for everyone to get to use their option days.