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    Hey all. I have a question about when exactly option days reset. My seniority date (start date) is June 1st. Last year was my one year anniversary hence this June will be my two year (I started in 2011). Last year on June 1st I received my 4 option days as per the norm. Shortly thereafter, I used 2 of those option days, leaving me with 2 remaining. On August 1st, I was cut a check for the 2 remaining option days, my option days reset, and I had 4 again. At this current point I now have 2 option days remaining.

    My question is this: on June 1st (my seniority/start date) this year will I be receiving 4 option days, or will they reset on August 1st? Will I receive 4 on June 1st then 4 again on August 1st like I did last year? No one can answer this at my hub. Part-time, full-time sup, stewards, you name it. Please help me clarify this.
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    Get with your steward or with co workers. Somebody knows. Here our option days renew on
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    Here you will get many answers, but none of them accurate with any certainty.
    You haven't included enough information.
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    If I were you I'd use them by June 1st your talking two months. Would it be that big of a deal to not have days for 2 months.

    Here they reset on your seniority date. I'm sure it's different every where as ICU said.
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    If they cut you a check for unused days in august...then your days reset august first. It's may first for me. On your seniority date...june first, your new vacation hours should appear on your paystub.
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    Have your supervisor put in a payroll inquiry. They will explain exactly when your days will reset.
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    Check your local supplement. It's different everywhere. Our personal/option days, as well as our sick days, reset 5/1 every year.

    I'm using my last day on Monday.
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    This is the easiest way to get a solid, accurate answer that applies directly to you, and it should only take your PT or FT supervisor 2 mins to ask. They will get a response within 24 hours.
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    2 minutes of their life they will never get back.
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    Thanks for all the great responses guys. I am in the Western region if that helps. From what I've gathered it sounds like they reset on August 1st.