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  1. Jim Kemp

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    We are having a small problem in our center. A few drivers saved a couple of option days until the end of the year but ups paid everyone off in the middle of dec.. Some of these drivers took days off between Christmas and New Years day.
    When they came to work on wed. they were given warning letters and were told they did not have any more days because they had been paid off.
    Who decides when the days are paid off? And should it not be on the last day of the year?
    Also I thought you could carry days over to the next year.
    Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. scratch

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    Why was anybody given a warning letter for taking a day off? My extra Option Days were paid off Dec. 14, we have never been able to roll them over into the next year.
  3. BCFan

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    days are yours reguardless of being paid off!!!! its a done deal ...according to contract option days are between Jan1 thru Dec 31 ....tell em to file and management can kiss their donkeys!!!!:happy-very: BC (not Bejiing China)
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  5. Cementups

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    I thought personal and sick days cycled from May 1st and April 31. Is it different per region?
  6. old brown shoe

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    Here you can roll vacation weeks but option days must be used before the end of the year or they are paid out to you.

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    Used to be. They changed that here around 5 or so years ago. Jan. 1st to Dec.
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    That's how it is in the New England Supplement.
  9. Covemastah

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    10/4 on that merry christmas from ups here's your warning letter !!!!:angry:
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    In our center, unused sick days are paid during the middle of December. Unused (and unscheduled) personal days are lost which is why we are encouraged to use them. Under the new contract, both sick and personal days that are not used will be paid prior to Christmas. These days do not roll over to the following year. Vacations also do not roll over nor will you be paid for unused vacations, as a couple of our preloaders found out this week as they had neglected to schedule and/or use vacation time and then complained when they did not get paid for and subsequently lost that time.

    I would have liked to have seen a provision in the new contract where vacation, personal and sick time could be donated to a fellow employee during a time of personal need, such as an extended leave for medical reasons. We have a number of prisons in the local area and prison guards are allowed (and encouraged) to donate this time that they will not be using to fellow guards in time of need.

    Back to the point of this thread--UPS provides this time to us so that we can enjoy a break and spend time with our families or simply time away from work. Use it--yes, the extra cash would be nice, but I personally enjoy time away from work more.
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    option days in the central states run from May to May never a problem here. I always try to take some time off the week of Christmas to New Years. Much needed break and management is clueless on the dispatch and lays everyone off. Then those that work end up with peak hours again only this time no helpers.
  12. HazMatMan

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    We get paid off 2nd week in May(if anything is unused) Fresh optionals and sick days start May 1st in my jurisdiction.
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    Around here our unused optional days are paid out at the end of Feb.
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    I don't know when they pay off our unused days...I never have any left!
  15. jason67rs

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    My center p-days run jan 1 to dec 31 and are paid off in middle december but you can use what you have left after christmas. Sick days start on May 1 and you can carry them over into another cycle.
  16. Brown Dog

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    Our optional days ( 2 per year) coincide with the contract, AUG 1st-JUL 31st. We cannot carryover any vacation weeks or the optional week:sad-very:
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    Do I have to kiss the donkey?:happy-very:

    We have the same problem. Payroll always pays off early even though they should be able to carry days until the end of christmas. We keep a list of those who carried days to the end of december and give them first preference on days off.

    I don't understand the warning letters if managment approved the days off?
  18. jlphotog

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    I woulda had the same situation, however our center manager turned down all requests for optional days as of some time in sept. He even tried to talk me out of the days he approved earlier. "tried" being the key word in that sentence.