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    Im a ups freight worker in so. california . joint councel 42 has a pilot organizing program funded by the international to organize fedex freight . congratulations !!! I hope everyone is excited as i am . I remember 5 yrs ago when we organized alot has changed since then . we now have dignity, pride, and respect ! I know there are alot of you guys waiting for this to just fall in your lap , you have to want it . unite with each other to show your strength and solidarity , and all of us UPS workers pkg and freight will stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the fight agaisnt fedex !
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    Hi, and welcome. Most people on this site work for FedEx Express, not FedEx Freight. The effort to organize Freight will probably go well, since they don't have the noose of the Railway Labor Act wrapped around their necks. It's good to hear that the IBT is doing something.
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    Great, another group within FedEx who's higher pay will be subsidized by the poorly paid majority. Good for you!
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    FedEx will sweeten their deal to try and avoid a our expense as you pointed out. We are the "go to" opco when some other workgroup (pilots, FedEx Freight etc.) needs to bought-off.
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    One would think that with facebook,twitter, email, texting and so many other forms of getting the message out there Fedex Express and the Teamsters could put together a national drive...We apparently need a leader, someone who is willing to organize us and get the message to who needs it..btw an employee who has 29 yrs in told me the other day that he would vote for a union right now ..I think the employees who started with this company so many years ago. The ones who topped out so quickly and were treated fairly early on are now ready and willing but until someone steps up and leads the charge (and is possibly willing to lose their job) it's not going to happen.
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    The IBT needs to step forward, but it's clear that Mr Hoffa is not the leader who is going to do it. They want us to do it for them, and right now, FedEx holds all the cards. Mention the word "union", and you're on your way out the door. No protection from the company and it's henchmen at all. Fred Smith has engineered himself a union-free hourly workforce, and we can't de-construct anything until the Teamsters provide legal assistance at the very least. Nobody wants to step forward and get terminated for some bogus reason an "at-will" employer cooks up.
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    the RLA that u guys work under prevent A national organizing campaign . you have to organize hub by hub and that kind if campaign is very expensive . fedex and walmart are as anti union as they get . no doubt there is something that has to be done . millions of dollars are spent every year lobbying politicians who are not labor friendly . i am a 3rd generation union worker , i know the importance of job security especially if you have a family . unions are a good thing .
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    Mr. Hoffa sucks.

    I sure hope he's voted out. He expects FedEx employees to to all the leg work, stick their nexts out without any legal protection while he just sits on his ass waiting for it all to happen. Look at what happened with those FedEx Ground handlers earlier in the year. So what if any of us lose our jobs in the process? He couldn't care less.

    Better leadership within the Teamsters could be our only hope if so ever a small chance at that.
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    what did happen to the Ground handlers?
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    They were stupid enough to believe that FedEx was sincere in it's effort to improve conditions. From what I hear, FedEx flew-in a union hit team, and smothered these people with corporate "love". Unfortunately, they bought the BS. I would assume that those who openly advocated for a union will be terminated in short order.
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    yes these special anti union teams are put together at the corporate level when there are organizing efforts going on . they come in take control of operations hire new employees to offset the 51% intrest ..... my brother in-law works for WM they recently organized their yard . the reason being is the new mgr. who fired a few vets with more than 15 yrs. with the company . his attitude was " i dont care what you have done for the company if you F$CK UP your fired" and alot of employees got scared and looked to the TEAMSTERS unoin for help which they got ... nothings perfect but with a contract you have legal protection . BTW my brother in-law doesnt like unions BUT he realized he needed the extra job security ... a 16 yr employee with waste management voted yes for teamster representation .


    It was a big deal when Emery got bought by UPS and became UPS freight, glad my Dad got back in when he did. Only had to stay on there for 8 years and got his full union pension from before he got "smart" and left Emery to do his own thing and wound up at FedEx. He'd would've been up a creek if he hadn't left here when he did!
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    I thought Overnite became UPS Freight.
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    I believe you are correct.


    I think Emery did too, I just know for sure that they have tan UPS
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    Emery is now part of UPS SCS.


    Oh my goodness, they're all the same company...sounds like FedEx..lmao!!
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    Right for most of it. They paid to fly, room, and give rental cars to over 15 managers "just to help with running the building" for over three months. They held hour long "captive audience" meetings, promised everyone a promotion, and harassed and intimidated open union supporters...for three months.

    None of the pro-union workers were fired but a few of the anti-union workers who were promised promotions for doing their real dirty work (spreading rumors about union leaders and trying to start "vote no" committees).
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    Thanks for the update. It's always amazing to me that a company that "isn't against unions in any way" (Fred Smith's own words), will expend such tremendous effort and money squashing union efforts. Over here at Express, we already know that they would lockout the RTD's, run the freight from the airport with Ground drivers or other "independent contractors", and threaten us with our jobs in every way possible.

    Because FedEx is an at-will employer, you can basically be fired for anything at any time, which is very convenient when you have particluar employees who are advocating for a union. If I were one of the pro-union people in that Ground terminal, I'd be watching my back.
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    The managers had a strict script of buzzwords during the campaign. "Get All The Facts" and the "Dues, Fees, Fines, Assessment Fees" is what we heard over and over on a daily basis.

    The "facts" were typically half-truths. FedEx did correctly point out that there are initiation fees, none of us would pay them since that fee is waved for those who organize first.

    I was also an "at-will" employee while I did this. The law clearly states that if FedEx fires you for organizing, you can sue them for a huge settlement. Talk to people you trust and make it a point to not tell anyone who's ever tried to get a promotion or someone who's an idiot. We kept organizing the union a secret from management for six months since everyone at the hub hated management. Our mistake was telling an idiot about the union drive and asking him to sign a union card.

    You did bring up a good point about a lockout (which is a long way down the road). The most important part of a union drive is getting it to spread to other hubs. We launched an organizing drive at a small terminal next to ours which went pretty well. Had we not had the petition pulled we would have been able to turn in cards at the small hub.