Organizing FredEx would help

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by krash, Aug 21, 2011.

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    It the latest Teamster magazine which covered the convention, there was talk of organizing FredEx freight. What happened to FredEx package division(air. ground, home delivery)? Did the Teamsters give up? I remember a push being made some 15 years ago. Did I miss something? To have all of FredEx organized would bolster the membership of the Teamsters and would be ultimately better for us and level the playing field. We wouldn't have to listen to the propaganda every contract about the difference an labor cost.
    But here we are reading about FredEx freight and they never organized air. So are we to believe that this will be successful (which I hope it is) or is this political? Is it only talk for the election and afterwards it will disappear?
    We need to organize some freight companies. There are many non-union one's out there. But considering the size of FredEx should we have targeted some smaller one's first and worked our way up to this giant?