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    What happens at the orientation?
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    They "sell" you on working for the prestigious big brown machine. Run while you still can.
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    You will be told Tie has a love child. Salesguy. :rofl:

    Just kidding. Lots of paperwork. Stupid movies with Spike and Ike. A tour of the facility. Basically, that's it.
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    I can't possibly answer that question, I don't know what it is. :surprised:
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    You didn't get to see the Spike and Ike show? You were robbed!!
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    What will happen, is you will be sat down and someone from personnel will have a printout of this thread. They will ask if you really posted instead of doing an easy google search. If you answer, 'yes' you will probably not be offered a job because you show a lack of resourcefulness.

    Good luck with your future endeavors.
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    I was waterboarded :/
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    Orientation will be mostly watching videos on safe work methods , hazardous material handling and how to do pre shift stretching to loosen up the muscles. You have the opportunity to ask questions. The HR rep then will take you on tour of the building( usually between shifts) . Do not be late, be early. Lasts about 3 hours and you will be paid. After orientation, you will be given your start date. Show up on time. If you are late, the guards will not let you get in. You will be greeted by a FT sup at the door for about 30 seconds. Then you will be then given a tour of the building by a regular UPS worker (non-management) who is on the safety committee. He or she will take you on a more in depth tour of the building during the regular work shift to show them how everything works. I am on the safety committee (non-management package handler) and gave the tour last night. The sups gave me a checklist to what to go over and I barely glanced at it. I gave the newbies the tour where I told them where all time clocks were, emergency exits, 1st aid kits, evacuation plans, eye washes, break rooms,rest rooms,drinking fountains,ice machine, air docks,roller decks, conference rooms and bulletin boards. Also told them to stay out of the way of the car washers who are constantly moving package cars. All the while the night sort was running. Described how unload works( label face up), how scanners works. Showed them trailers (use load stands), air containers and examples how to build walls. Also small sort and de-bagging operation. How smart labels work.Introduced the newbies to the FT and PT sups. While doing the walk around I told them the 8 keys to lifting and lowering, 5 keys to prevent slips and falls and the 8 yard control procedures. Showed them how to secure a belt and lockout procedures I also told them to ask me any questions about how it is to work for UPS. I answered them truthfully. I told them the 3 keys to surviving peak and making the "team" after peak is done. I replied " show up every night on time and stay positive and don't screw up". My tour took over an hour. I then took them into a conference room and glanced at the check off sheet and I just about covered the 20 points on the sheet they gave me. A PT sup than sat down with us for 15 minutes and answered more questions.