Orlando Accident?

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    Hey if there are any Orlando Fl drivers out I was told Wednesday that a driver in Orlando hit and killed a guy on a bike....is it true?
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    Haven't head anything yet, but I'll check the news and see if there's gossip about it tonight.
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    I'll bet the dump truck was overloaded. Our tractor didn't hit the dump truck that hard, from the damage on the hood.
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    During peak, A driver I loaded for got t-boned by a semi and fell on its side. There was a hazmat onboard and there was no tag of it in the pouch of the car. I recalled pulling it, infact I always pull the tags of hazmats and place them in there. I hate hazmats because they force me to slow down, pull the tag and place it in the pouch, I do it right away for hazmats when I see them so I can get it done and over with. Heres the kicker..

    I saw the wreck happen! A fellow friend and crover driver saw it happen too. I recalled seeing paper being shot out of the car. I thought it was letters or parts of packages flying out. My friend saw the same thing happen. I explained this to a manager and saved myself from being written up for it. Heres another kicker..

    I never take that way home, it was chaos getting out at that hour with so many cars trying to go to their route. So I went down to Orange ave. instead. Call it a stroke of fate. The same hazmat came to me the next day. I recalled there was about 3 sheet tags on the hazmat. This time there was none. It proves that those tags can be shot out of sheet type hazmat, I'm sure that tage shot of the pouch as well.

    Heres the link of it... http://articles.orlandosentinel.com...ups-truck-tractor-trailer-orange-county-crash

    Ryans car sucks! His route is extremly heavey. Plus it gets like 20 pieces of air everyday.