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Hello. I'll try and be succinct. This past peak season the Orlando Hub started a day sort and the unusual thing about it this year is that they claim they are keeping it for at least two years due to the Jacksonville Hub being renovated. Is this true? I'm hearing different things from my sources in management. The one thing I do know is they seem to be hiring people for day sort still which makes me think they are keeping it. Anybody know what's up?


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Seriously, Indecisi0n knows :censored2: all of nothing about this. You're obviously new here, so a bit of advice...take what he says with a shaker full of salt.

Op this a absolute lie. @Indecisi0n is very high up on the UPS chain of command.

He's literally one of the board of directors!

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Probably true they are doing a big expansion right now.

For some reason I'm thinking they moved their day sort to River City but I may be wrong. I go lots of places on all different schedules doing coverage.


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I haven't heard a definitive end time, just that it wasn't going away in January like originally planned, and a new bid sheet to transfer to it went up. Could be around for awhile, but a few years ago when they first brought the day sort in for peak it was supposed to be permanent until at least we got our renovations which is still supposed to be after Jacksonville finishes theirs.


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This is false. The River City hub isn’t nearly big enough to handle any sort on its own. The Imeson hub is still running every sort.