Orlando TCI Worker’s Give “Something Extra” When it Counted the Most

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    I found this interesting on upsers.com. Not sure if everybody would be able to see it on there as I found it in the Southeast Region Headlines. so I pasted the story below, minus the pictures. Attaboy's I think go out to all the guys. 2 young lady's and their family's I'm sure are very appreciative and will live another day because of their actions when it counted the most.

    Orlando TCI Worker’s Give “Something Extra” When it Counted the Most
    No ordinary drive home

    It was 2 a.m. on a Friday morning and the close to a four-day work week at Orlando, Trailer Conditioner, Inc. (TCI). There were eight TCI employees getting off their 10-hour work shift in the wee hours of the morning, three headed in one direction and the other five heading down United and Zell Road. TCI Repair Person Herbert Rodriguez was the first one to depart on the quiet, industrial road leading to the main highway. As he was approaching a stretch of the road that requires a bit of caution because of its hairpin turn, he slowed down because he saw a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction approaching the turn and traveling fast.

    As he let off the gas to prepare to make his turn, he saw that the car heading in his direction was not going to be able to make the turn. There were no brake lights; there was no skidding. He witnessed the vehicle hit the curb and flip upside down as it landed in a canal. He pulled partially off the road and jumped out of his vehicle, driver-side door still open, as Repair Person Nef Sanjurjo came on the scene. Nef dialed 911 and flagged down Utility Person Charlie Ventura who was also passing by. As he pulled up, Charlie’s first reaction was that someone must have gotten a flat tire.

    As the reality of the situation unfolded both Repair People Ruben Torres and Luis Lopez were the last of the workers heading in that direction. Ruben’s 25 years of medical experience in NY, particularly in hospital emergency rooms, was going to be put to the test when he realized what had happened.

    Together, all five TCI employees jumped in the waist high, cold, and murky water, boots and all, in hopes of saving the crash victim(s). “At first I didn’t hear anything but the horn on the car going on and off,” Luis recalls of the frightening event. “I put my hand on the door and tried to beat it open.” That’s when he heard the screams of passenger, 22-year old Jennifer Henry, who had been thrown to the back seat. “We couldn’t make out what she was saying, but knew we needed to get her out.”

    As the police and firefighters arrived, the five men lifted the car on its side to aid in getting the victims out. The driver, 23-year-old Caralee Casale was submerged under the water almost 15-minutes before she was discovered. “There was only a little light coming from a neighboring business, so it was difficult to see anything,” recalls Herbert. Once discovered, Ruben and the police officer carried her body up the bank just as the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) arrived. “I was going to start CPR on her, but the ambulance arrived just after we got her out of the car.”

    Ruben says of the event, “The most interesting thing is that this was the last day before our shift changed back to our five day work week.” With their new work schedule beginning the following week, had this event happened in the following days, no one would have found these girls until the next day. “Not many people travel down this road at this time of the morning,” says Herbert, “and if I hadn’t witnessed it happening, no one would have seen the car down the embankment. And, I don’t think many people would have jumped in to action like we did.”

    All five of the TCI employees went to the hospital to meet the family of the driver who is in critical condition. “The family was so appreciative,” says Charlie. He laughs and says, “They called us angels.” Ruben says, “I was in church praying for a miracle on Sunday.”

    For Nef, this was his first experience in being a hero. “I was crying on the ride home and thinking of my kids. My wife and I watched the news story that aired at 6 a.m., and she told me she was proud of me.” Herbert adds, “I did this because I would hope that someone would help my family out if something like this ever happened to them.”

    This is an experience these co-workers will not soon forget. Five guys getting off a long work week were challenged to give “something extra.” They all agreed that they would ruin another pair of work boots all over again to help save lives.

    The passenger of the vehicle was released from the hospital. She had minor injuries to her head. The driver is in critical condition.
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    Can we say that the TCI employee's were her guardian angels??
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    I obviously could not care less if you post stuff from UPSers.com but I thought I should let you (and other BCers) read how I got slapped on the wrist by one of the Corporate Monitors of this site:

    I have to question you on posting info from UPSers.com. Although info on UPSers.com may seem benign, if UPS wanted it public, it would go out as a press release. In fact, I’m sure you are well aware of the terms of service of UPSers.com which state, in part, “UPSers.com is confidential to
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    Needless to say, I will not be copying stuff from UPSer.com again! :wink2:
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    That's a great story and it's to bad that you will probably get your hand slapped for showing us this.

    PIP and HOAX, thanks for trying anyway!
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    I wonder if this "corporate monitor" took it upon himself to send you this admonition, or if it came from higher on up? My God, don't they have anything better to do? Watch out Hoax, they probably have GPS on you and are watching every keystroke.
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    They're coming to take you away................hehe haha hoho:happy-very:
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    I wasn't aware of that Hoaxster.

    But please feel free to delete. Wasn''t my intentions to start a bunch of crap with what I thought was a good deed.