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    Dale Jarrett and the UPS #88 won't hit the high banks of Daytona until next week's test session but below is a link showing the results of testing so far. Elliot Sadler in the RYR #38 (formally the #28) was 3rd fastest is yesterday's session.


    Also if any of you UPS motorheads are in or near Tulsa OK. check out the racing action at the annual Chilibowl. Tony Stewart will be there defending his crown in the Midget Sprinters.
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    Daytona testing is over. Jarret was fastest on 2nd day of session 2 testing but overall results were so-so. Best Single car speed for the UPS #88 was 183.083 (17th overall) and in the draft was 182.611 (35th overall). Goodyear has a softer tire this year and new NASCAR rules for the rear deck and spoiler has taken some of the attack off for downforce so not sure how this played out on the track. If the #88 wasn't sandbagging then they better get to work or Sunday Feb. 16th could be a long day for the #88. Then again Dale being a 3 time winner at Daytona may know exactly what he's doing!