OT for part timers.

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  1. Hello all. I've read a couple of posts on her stating that OT is paid to part timers after a 5 hour period. Maybe this is only true for other areas / locals but I can't seem to find it anywhere in the western supplement or the national. I'm just wondering if there's an article that confirms the OT after 5.
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    I found the language in the Central Region Supplement Art 11 section 1.
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    Talk to your steward.
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    Don't know where it is in the book, but that is how it is here. Anything after five is OT, and it goes back to regular time if you work past 8 hours.
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    I think you fall under the Southwest Sort Rider. Check that.
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    Our Supplement says nothing about going over 8 hours.
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    I'm my area if you are at ptimer and work over 5 and less than 8 you get ot. When you go over 8 your considered to be a ft employee for the day so ot doesn't start to hours worked over 8.
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    That's how it is in my area.
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    I believe it's overtime after 5 hours for an inside employee., preload or sort. Now if you are a part timer who drives only( covers a route) it's overtime after 8 hours. Then there's peak where you get overtime at the 8 hour mark. The wage rate you are at when you get your 8 hours will be the wage rate at which your overtime pay is based on. A new seniority preloader would make more money in this scenario., if the peak rate is more than their current hourly rate.
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    When I cover the counter, I get OT after 5 regardless if I work over 8. When they pay you straight time, it goes towards full time seniority. That's how it was explained to me
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    Neither does ours. I worked a 12 hour preload shift one day last peak. I was paid 5 hrs straight time and 7 OT.
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    Done that a couple times. Good money but really brutal with just one 10 minute break and no chance to pack a lunch.
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    No....it waan't too bad...peak shifts usually run about 8-9 hours so I always pack extra snacks. The worst was one of the fridays this summer I went jumping after preload at the last min. Not even time to hit the vending machines....all I had was a sandwich and water left...and they passed me between 2 drivers so I didn't get a lunch...17 hours on a 10 min break...it was a long day....lol.
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    If you're searching the online documents, they may not contain information that was not changed from the previous contract.

    Here in Central PA, "Article 50 - Part Time Employees", notes...
    "Part time employees are defined as employees who when reporting to work as scheduled shall be guaranteed a minimum of three and one-half (3-1/2) hours. Should any part time employee work beyond the fifth (5th) hour, they shall be paid time and one-half (1-1/2) unless they were previously scheduled to work eight (8) hours in which case they shall be guaranteed eight (8) hours straight time pay. All time worked over eight (8) hours will be paid at time and one-half (1-1/2)."

    As others have mentioned, you have to ask for the guarantee, otherwise they treat it as you volunteered to leave early.

    Also, unless you are a part time employee and were scheduled to work or "volunteered" for a double shift, you would be paid time and one-half for working more than 5 hours.

    Several years ago, management tried to pay straight time for working more than 5 but less than 8 hours - when it benefited the company. But, those of us who grieved this practice were properly reimbursed for all the overtime we worked.
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    Central Region does not have this language.
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    UPS tried that at my local in the Central but it was voted down. UPS knew part timers were going to get a lot of hours for Christmas and offered them 8 hours of straight time instead of the usual 3 guarantee with OT after 5 but it was rejected because people saw they would get more money the usual way with OT after 5.
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  17. They are trying to get us to do this same thing for peak this year. Saying ot will be offered by seniority so newer guys are better off taking the 8 straight guaranteed hours..
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    The Union should really look at this to see if this is an extra contractual agreement which would make it a contract violation.
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    No matter how long I've been here, UPS never ceases to amaze me in all the ways they try to screw their workers.
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    It's BS...don't do it. UPS wouldn't offer you a GD thing unless they were benefiting from it somehow.