Other Hubs/Centers doing our work.

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  1. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Can any of you contract gurus explain how we can (if possible) stop UPS from allowing feeders from other hubs and centers from doing our work? I would imagine a grievance for people from another "domicile" doing our work would be a start but I can't find anything in the Master or Southern Supplement pertaining to that.
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    Please go into more detail.
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    Over 40 years in and that is a new one.
    I don't think the Union would even attempt to police/limit that and that is why you can't find applicable language.
    UPS has always moved postal codes around from center to center to balance out capacity.
    Feeder flow is moved all the time to balance out capacity between hubs.
    UPS also moves package car pickups into a trailer and taken directly to the hub with the best flow for the package distribution.
    UPS and the Teamsters have always had a good relationship in not doing stupid stuff just to preserve jobs in one location when the right business decision is to move it elsewhere (as long as the movement was to another UPS Teamster staffed facility.
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    Good luck. Minneapolis and Chicago have been stealing our runs for the last couple of years. Lost about 40 runs.
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    Call your ba and explain the situation. If its legit he should be able to explain it. If you think it's not legit tell him you want to file a grievance for interpretation. If this dissent work pm me and ill tell you something else.
  6. Overpaid Union Thug

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    It's been fought and won in our district in the past. I'm just trying to find out how.
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    Big_arrow_up can you please let me know, I have a grievance filed now under work assignment, it says in article 3 section 4 that the employer must respect jurisdictional boundaries and can't combine work from one "local" and give that work to another local. I'm being told I can't win but I can't turn my back on them taking our work and giving it to another local because they have better equipment.
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    "Cant win?" What is the language for then? Its like over 9.5 here. We only get time and a half for penalty but the contract clearly says triple time.
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    Are you or any of your co-workers being laid off or displaced as a result?
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    Happens in our center daily. Union position is they can't tell UPS where to sort the volume. If we have laid off drivers they move the volume from our center lo larger facility. It's in the same local. I leave my center with a load/empty then drop empty at other center. Pickup second trailer with volume that came from our center and continue to hub. In fairness without adding a entire new sort they couldn't handle the volume. Both are seasonal account. One 3000-5000 pieces a day. One large shipper 30,000-50,000 smalls a day. Unfortunately, we lost the large shipper to FedEx.
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    We have instances where 710 long haul drivers have been dead headed from another hub to a local railyard and then brought in one of our 705 trailers to our yard.
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    It just doesn't seem fair that we have enough work to have another feeder driver but people in another building get to do it. This seems like a good example of why extended centers should be able to bid into the feeder runs in the hub. Or maybe just be allowed to do the work in our own area for starters. The way it is now just isn't right.
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    They "cut" jobs from hubs and move them to small rural centers in upstate New York to punish members for grievances or for not willingly violating the contract. For instance, around here, hub drivers have bid start times and destinations. Many of these jobs have been moved to rural centers where even supervisor's family have been hired to fill these jobs. Many of these center drivers then start when they are called in, as long as DOT rules are being followed, then the destination becomes go to the hub and take the run they tell you to take. The bid cover drivers then get shafted at the hubs. All of this is against the contract, but, it is every local for themselves.

    The center drivers do this because there is no other good paying jobs where they are from. Pretty anti-union, but, nothing is done by the business agents that are aware of this.