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  1. over9five

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    OK, say one day we have more drivers than routes.

    Should the day off be offered in seniority order? In my center, they let the same favorites go anytime they want.

    If someone could point me to the right article, I'd appreciate it.

    Dannyboy would know this one......
  2. Jones

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    What supplement are you under? In the Atlantic Area we have it in black and white:
    Article 48 - Seniority
    Voluntary time off will be offered in seniority order in each center.
  3. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    New England. That's exactly what I'm trying to find, but we don't seem to have it here.
  4. disneyworld

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    Is that language for when a day off is asked for ahead of time? I think he means every morning when there are cover drivers free. I know what you mean 9/5-when I was a cover driver, it always seemed like the same people. Even when I wanted the day off I was denied.
  5. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    Nope, that language applies specifically to when we have extra drivers on a daily basis.
  6. tups

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    It must be based on senority. They are supposed to ask from the top down. That is how it is supposed to be in the contract. I am also in New England, and it is supposed to be this way, but it rarely is. Yeah there a few guys that regularly go home. In my center it is usually the same guy because he doesn't stand up and say no. I have only 2 years senority, so I am pretty low, but lately I have gotten in the habit of saying no. It is your right to say no. Just like this morning, my on-car sup told me I was up as soon as I walked in the door. I simply looked at him and said No, you aren't. I'm here to work, and I'm not going home. Sure enough he had to up the list and found some guys to go home who did have more seniority, and I covered a route I was familiar with. JUST SAY NO!!!!
  7. toonertoo

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    Over9five, you can email dannyboy, he still takes pms. That is how it should be but its the same at my center, if there isnt the right lower seniority to fill your seat.
  8. 6 yrs. to go!

    6 yrs. to go! Phila. District

    as far as our center seniority order if no personals than down the list; all depends on coverage too ,but back in the day they weren't afraid to hand you a map and see you later
  9. upsdude

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    Gee, and IE said with PAS/EDD "any Monkey" could run a route. I guess the problem being HR is still hiring humans. :lol:
  10. retired2000

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    those drivers that go home all the time i sure hope they watch how many hours a year they work. i know a few drivers that would take every day off they could. they ended up working a year or two more so they could get their pension.
  11. 9.5,
    In our district, seniority affords you the right to work not the right to not work except for the week after Christmas and the week of July 4. These are the only times where layoffs are to be offered from the top down. So other than your vacations, option days, and sick days, you should always be working and the youngsters should be sitting at home. This is not to say that there are not exceptions in reality. (Also, not to imply that you are not young, you just obviously have a lot of seniority)
  12. vin

    vin Member

    Seniority should work this way- if layoffs are needed, they have more drivers than routes, more workers than needed for the work available or whatever then the most senior employees are offered the chance to go home, take the day off, etc. Work your way down the seniority list to the least senior employee and if not enough people have taken up the offer the they are sent home in reverse seniority order. (least senior first)

    This goes for full time, part time, drivers, whatever. It also does not matter what time of the year it is. That is how it should be, and how it is in the contract. I don't have a copy of the contract handy so I don't know what section it is in and am not sure of the exact wording, but that is more or less what it says. (I am also in New England, so if you want I can find out the exact article and section for you over9five)
  13. local804

    local804 Well-Known Member

    If they have too many drivers they can place up a layoff list if needed.
    You come to work to work, not go home.
  14. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Local804 and BB&B, Thanks, but they don't do it that way either. They let their same 2 favorites have that day almost exclusively. They're not the bottom people, and certainly not near the top.

    Vin, I agree that is exactly how it should be, but I can't find it to grieve it. Jones has exactly that language in his Atlantic Area Supplement:

    Article 48 - Seniority
    Voluntary time off will be offered in seniority order in each center.

    In the New England Supplement, it's Article 57, but it says nothing about "voluntary time off".
  16. Aaron Y

    Aaron Y Guest

    Why not take a day off every now and then unpaid?? As long as there is enough coverage drivers in the building. Today is April 11th and I have only drove 12 days this year....I have a family..young family. I beg every morning for an area to cover. So in a quote from an earlier statement "let the youngsters sit at home". Hope it makes you feel better!
  17. tups

    tups New Member

    Maybe he's not one of the ones who kneels under the bosses desk every morning.
  18. Cole

    Cole New Member

    Yes it can be frustrating when the same person goes, but also those that may not need the money as much say a senior driver can go home if he/she choses, and a younger driver who may need the money more can work. Choices are good.

    If the opportunity knocks to get a day off and it comes my way, I'll hit the door, but that's a choice. I wouldn't take more than 1 day personally.
  19. vin

    vin Member

    I talked with a few people, drivers and stewards and they agreed that what I explained is the way it works or should work. One thing they did say that may be a factor was that if no one that was available to cover knew your route. Other than that the only suggestions they had were to talk to the center manager and if you still got no where to grieve it.
  20. Cole

    Cole New Member

    Depending on your supplement, Let's say they need 5, they should announce we need 5 drivers to go, and it should be in seniority order, that's how it should work, but then yes the same could go over and over.