Our Generation's Reefer Madness

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Apr 25, 2009.

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    First off, the seven signs are also 7 steps a SWAT team would make before hitting a drug house or gang house so one man's terrorist is another man's police officer.

    The best scene that I died laughing at was the scene where the lady is running and our hapless terrorist makes the mistake of looking like a businessman or college student doing some office work/home work while soaking up some beautiful winter sunshine (no leaves on the trees and both runner and terrorist dressed for cooler weather). That's called be observant.:happy-very:

    What really jumps off the page is also that this is Missouri we're talking about and our terrorist is not a dark complexion individual with wrapped head and uttering "Praise be to Allah" but a lilly white cracker (I can say that because I am one :happy-very:) who looks the part of a cross between the Unibomber and a potential militia/tax protestor/american patriot type (don't you love the use of sublimial visual messaging) who poise such an enormous threat to the Great American Empire as we know it!

    Step aside Reefer Madness as you are about to be replaced!

    Gov't is good for one thing and that is looking at them, I feel better and better about the level of my own intellect!


    Enjoy the laugh because this utter waste of taxpayer dollars is about all it is worth!

    BTW: Thanks to Karen De Coster over at Taki's Magazine for tipping me off to this purely propaganda film.
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    To quote Battlestar Galactica:

    Col. Tigh: "People will think their neighbors are [-]Cylons[/-] terrorists just for not brushing their teeth!"
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    I must be living on a different planet then you. I saw a boring government video that had some validity. I missed the humor and propaganda.
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    Now we have something as a point of reconcilation. A point we both agree with completely!

    Have at it Tie cause I'm off for an evening of some really great jazz!

    C YA!
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    is there such a thing? Enjoy