Our stories about Mom.

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by ups1990, May 9, 2009.

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    As Mother's day is approaching. Naturally our Mom is on our minds. We all have one particular story or two, that has never been erased from our memory, regarding Her love.

    Here's mine. My mother raised five children, practically on her own. One day, she served us cereal. All the children got milk, but not her. Mother poured water in her bowl. I, was too little to realize that the milk had run out. "Why did you put water on your cereal" I, recall asking. I want to see what it taste like, she replied. It puzzled me, why would she do that.

    Years later. I told my Mom. I know why you did it. In my eyes this was an unselfish act of love towards your children. To her it was no big deal. To me it was a big lesson in parenting. Can't wait to see her Sunday, embrace her and say, I know why you did it.
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    That's awesome. My mom is cool, we still get along good, I've got stories, good and bad, but she always let me know she loved me. I'm going to Colorado in two weeks to see her. I can't wait.
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    My wife lost her Grandmother last night. We had to scramble to fly her up to New Jersey, for the next couple of days. It's her Dad's mother, but I was surprised to find out that my wife's Mom wasn't going, due to lack of finances. We're still in the process of buying our house, so we're trying to keep money in savings. When I heard them crying on the phone together, I hopped right to, and bought my Mom-in-law a ticket as well.

    This might not be the most "perfect" Mother's day for them, but at least they'll be together at this sad time.
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    I am glad that you chose to go rather than make a few extra $$ by working on your vaca.
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    I am glad too Upstate, work will be there when I get back. I can make up the money but I can't make up the missed time with my mom. She thinks I need to get away for a while anyway and I think she is right. Road trip!
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    Stug, sorry about the loss in the family. Your wife and kids are lucky to have you as a husband and father. You have a heart of gold.
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    Good for you and them. When you are on a tight budget it sucks, some things just take priority.
    I lost my Mom 8 yrs ago, It still hurts but I know she is no longer in pain and is at rest. And I know she knows she was loved as I was with her as she passed. Too many stories to mention, I put her through alot. So did the rest of us, but she still loved us.
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    Thanks, sis, that's much appreciated.

    You said it!
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    That story is great, it falls right in line with the bit I posted on the Mother's Day Thread. When you thought I wasn't watching. Good for you that you were watching and that you are able to remember an important part of your life.
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    I hope the road trip all went well and you and your Mom had a good time together.

    You are a good husband and son-in-law
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    Of course it will. You know, this is kinda sappy and not even in sync with the post but this will make the trip alone more bearable, to take some nice pics and share them with my fellow bcers.
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    Snap away, Fethr. We can't wait to see them. And BTW, have a safe trip. :happy2: