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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Teamster, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Teamster

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    I am currently an hourly worker at Orlando hub and I am interested in transferring to another hub that is in Colorado, and i want to keep my company seniority, so i am going to do a school transfer. Is there any way of avoiding extra fees for not being a current Colorado resident when I register for classes?
  2. Southwestern

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    You'd get more responses to your question if you posted it within a forum relating to education, or your specific school. :). The short answer is 'probably not.' In order to avoid out-of-state tuition, most schools require you to be of a certain age (23 for undergrad, often older for grad) and provide proof of property tax payment -- but often after you've lived in the state for a defined time period. Some community colleges don't require this, you just need to live in the district & pay rent.
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    As southwestern stated it is deteremined by the local rules regarding what qualifies in state tuition versus out of state tuition. For example in my state (Indiana) i believe it is required that you live here for atleast 2 years to qualify for instate tuition, but I am not sure how they verify that as I was never asked to prove this despite being an Indiana resident all my life. Colorado's rules could be completely different and perhaps you need to google Colorado instate tuition policys to get a better idea of what qualifies and what does not.
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    Call the school in Co and ask then.

    However I would suspect that you have to have lived in the state for a period of time. Not counting any time that your in school.

    Education transfers are not guaranteed. The place you want to move to has to except you.