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    I have been running the same route for 6 years, the route was time studied 5 years ago. 6 years ago i used to have 120 stops 225 pakages, now the route has changed over years now its 120 stops 400 pakages. Gained about 20 new bussiness stops, mngtm is constantly threating me and harassing me cause i am 120 overallowed over everyday, they make comments that they are going to fire me etc. They say i am the worst driver in district.

    They rode with me for 3 days about a year ago, could not find any faults. They say that they cant do time study , because its too expensive.
    Does anyone else relate to my post? Routes change, but management seems to never change.
  2. loserupser

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    Don't worry about it Brian, Management cant touch for performance!!!
    If they continue to harrass you talk to your stewart and file a harrassment grievence, and they WILL back off just make sure your following the methods and dont take any shortcut cause big brother will be watching!:rockon:
  3. maybrown

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    UPS culture: You always may do better. Managers seem never happy what you did. They try push you to the unreal limit.
    Do your best. You will be okay.
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    I concur. Follow all the methods as you were taught and they can't do anything to you. Geez, the methods alone are enough to make you go over every day. Try and not let it get to you. I know that's hard, and perhaps you should involve the union and stewards. I absolutely hate it when they take a good driver and harass him because he doesn't fit into their number game.
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    Are you on EDD yet? A good management team would adjust your route by shifting around residential and business stops with routes that butt up to yours. Suggest that to them and see what happens. Show them you want to be involved with a solution to this problem. If they won`t then work as directed and buy your wife/girlfriend something nice with the extra cash.
  6. Anon

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    Only 120 over? You'd be fine here we have guys running 2 to 3 hrs over a day. I seen 4.21 over the other day.(and it was no timecard error)
  7. JustTired

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    If you're doing the job by the book and they've rode with you and can't find anything wrong, that should tell you something right there.

    Their numbers are bogus. Everybodies numbers are bogus.

    The company owns those numbers. They're the ones that have to worry about them, not you. The union does not recognize time standards...which is a double edged sword. Standards can't be used against you. But if you don't like running late all the time....the union will not argue a new time study for you.

    Just do the job to the best of your ability, follow the methods and work as directed. There's nothing they can do to you, then.
  8. JustTired

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    And nothing is going to change until they get IE out of the cockpit.

    We're losing altitude fast and they still have the throttle on full.

    Sad part....the only ones with parachutes are the ones in the cockpit.
  9. Griff

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    Who cares? Those aren't your numbers, it's their numbers, be sure to remind them of that everytime they bring it up too. They're just trying to bully you into running all day and skipping breaks, essentially working as unsafe as humanly possible to get in and off the clock. Especially if you're part of this "TSP" nightmare, the numbers are even more important to these pinheads now.

    Tell them to grab your union stewart or take a hike.
  10. rebel

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    tell them they are the worst sups in the district.
  11. brianbrown

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    Thanks for the input, I will keep doing my job as well as i always have, i have been driving 12 years but management seems to know my route better than me. Ha,ha
  12. DS

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    I believe the expression is "Least Best"
    But I love it rebel...a simple,"you are the least best supervisor I have ever had" I hope they move you to New Mexico,and I wont be in today.
  13. tieguy

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    Suck it up. You make 5 bucks an hour more then you did six years ago. You should expect that you would be asked to do more.
  14. loserupser

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    correction DICtator its four bucks effective Aug 1 it will be five bucks!:cool:

  15. DS

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  16. dammor

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    God woud have to create more hours in the day for most of us to do more.
    It would be nice if he also took a look at the screwed Pass/Edd system.
    Every tme it starts running decent some 90 pound wizard has an idea and we are back to the beginning of the nightmare.
  17. Brownnblue

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    Ohh, a highly relative post by tieguy. Does this mean that, if a driver beats the percentage of the raise in other disciplines of the job (accidents, complaints, attendance to name a few) that he/she can actually let up a little on performance numbers.

    If this raise the performance in accordance to a raise theory is true, can we see things like the performance equation six years ago, the equation now, the difference in route changes in the time period, the factoring in of the 5.8 second per package loss a few years back?

    I'm not trying to be a jerk here (even though, upon rereading the text, I am not really sure I am succeeding), I would just like to see the quota system that I am working under. Sounds like Brianbrown would like the same. If the performance calculation is the fair, well-planned, bastion of scientific accuracy that you make it out to be, you should have no problem explaining it to the driver.
  18. lost

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    speaking of pas, I am going to rant!!! How is it that preload thinks they can plan for the next day and actually be right?? Much less 2 days early Thursday was planned at 15,600 on Tuesday, Thursday rolled around volume changed to 16,100, by the end of the day our boxline had 17,500. Not to mention the 5 people short!!! Yeah our preload "production" was great but our driver AM time was horrible because the drivers had to load alot of their own stuff and still left 30 mins late. I am not sure if this rant it about PAS or people not bringing their a$$es to work!!! Just felt the need to rant!!!! Sorry.
  19. JustTired

    JustTired free at last.......

    Projections are just that....projections. Seldom ever are those projections right. If you add 10% on top of those projections they would be more accurate.

    The problem is every center is dispatched by those projections. District says '30 cars on the road', that's what you put on the road. Nevermind that there's 34 cars worth of work. As usual their projections are always on the conservative side. Just like the standards, that would be hard to achieve even on a perfect day.

    You can't run a company strictly on paper. Yet they try...... and fail to do it daily. Thank God the people at the top aren't any smarter.....or the work would never get done!
  20. wyobill1956

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    Dont ask me to do something you cant do.