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    What is the definition of over supervision? I had an issue today inside the hub and was told to file on over supervision because the hub manager was standing right beside me while I was working then came down and harassed me and threatened my job but ended up giving me a written warning and not the other person who was with me doing the same thing as I was.
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    written warning for? what did he say you did or didn't do? was there a steward present during this disciplinary action? I assume there wasn't if he did in fact threaten your job. :/
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    No after he did that I said I wanted a steward. Me and another guy were unloading package cars and we were throwing the boxes unloading them. We were told not to so we quit and started walking them out and placing them on the belt. After we were done with the car he pulled me aside and started telling me I was giving him a attitude when I wasn't because I'm trying to stay low key as I have a good chance to go in delivery this year. I'm trying to figure out if I can file for over supervision because he stood right there and "over supervised" us
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    forgetaboutit this time.
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    There is no black and white definition of over supervision. However, being supervised to the point that you feel harassed/threatened is probably over supervision. Regardless, you have a solid case for having your job threatened.
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    How long did he observe you? Just observing you doesn't rise to the level of oversupervision IMO unless perhaps if was for an inordinate amount of time. If he had 1001 criticisims I would say why didn't he stop and address them unless it was more for harassment? An example of where observing turns into oversupervision is when they pull out a stopwatch.
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    I'd just let this go. If you're not supposed to throw packages and you were doing that I can understand you're sup watching you for an extended period of time. They get in more trouble for damages than hourly employees do. When a sup instructs me like that, I'm usually really sarcastic with them to the point where they know I'm being sarcastic. I'll be like "Man thats on me, I shouldn't have done that. It's not safe and it can cost the company money and thats certainly not what I'm about. I'm sorry and you can count on me to make sure I'm doing the right thing from here on out" The sups usually laugh and leave you alone from there. It's kind of an ice breaker to build a little good rapport with your sup.
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    You've been there long enough that u may drive soon and your throwing packages? Think it's time to grow up or learn to keep your emotions under control if you plan on making it as a driver.
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    Trollin right? If not, starting the story with you throwing packages isn't gonna win you much sympathy. Learn to pick your battles.
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    The answer is NO.

    You were "throwing" packages? Ever hear of "hand to surface"? That is basic training at UPS. I would just SHUT MY MOUTH, say your sorry and get with the program.

    The hub managers job is to supervise the entire operation. They are to correct err's and stop unsafe actions. YOU throwing packages endangers not only yourself, but the merchandise that pays our salary.

    As a driver, if I saw you tossing my customers packages, youd have alot more to worry about then just a pissing contest.

    Grow up.


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    I have a hard time following the story. Did he discipline you without a steward present? If so, he did violate your Weingarten Rights. That is a labor board charge. Did you feel he treated you equally in comparison to other employees? If he was just watching you due to an incorrect method, that's ok. He should have corrected the wrong behavior immediately. Are we getting the entire story? Or just cliff notes?
  12. The Other Side

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    Labor board charge?? Seriously? You actually think the labor board would hear this story? The DOL would laugh in this guys face.

    Get serious.


  13. Coldworld

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    I remember when I first started years ago they would pull out the stopwatch and see if you were going mar, Im not sure if they even have mar anymore but they had a frequency where you could have a mistake with so many sorts, etc....now they just want perfection each and every time...like a robot.
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    I do. It has been done already. Seen it first hand. He violated his working rights.
  15. 104Feeder

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    I remember being trained and in my first 15 minutes the supervisor got testy and said "these aren't eggs". I used to unload a package car full of Dashmats and we would just chuck them as fast as we could onto the belt. Some tie came by and yelled at me for throwing packages & I said "these are Dashmats, not eggs" and he got all bent "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT'S IN THOSE BOXES!" Really? They have a DASHMAT logo the full length on all four sides and weigh a few ounces. He went away all bent and my sup came back and said not to throw them when he was around (as if I would know inside the package car who was around). I never heard another thing about it.

    Ah, the good old days...
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    You were throwing boxes. He told you to stop. He watched you to make sure you didn't just go back to throwing because he left (but nobody does that, right?) That is not 'over supervision'.

    Go through a National Air Audit. You have suits standing around with clipboards the entire shift writing stuff down.

    You did something that is a basic no-no. Throwing the packages that are the reason we have jobs is just plain stupid.

    Now, you could probably fight the warning letter on the basis of not having proper representation.....but, really dude? If there was a list of 5 things to never do at UPS, throwing packages would be on that list. You seriously have to pick your battles, and this is one to let go and learn from....
  17. The Other Side

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    The mere suggestion of going to the DOL is laughable at best. There have been cases with documented harrassment by employees and those cases were dismissed by the DOL.

    Now, you want this guy to report to the DOL that he was throwing packages and was observed by the HUB manager doing so and corrected, and somehow you believe the DOL would support the employee?

    Thats simply ridiculous.

    There is a saying when you approach the DOL or the NLRB that goes.... "YOU MUST HAVE CLEAN HANDS".... this employee does not have "CLEAN HANDS" in this case.

    Had the employee done his job correctly, and was then harrassed by the hub manager, then he would have "clean hands" , however, in his own words he states he violated the "hand to surface" policy of UPS and that dirties his hands.

    The best advice he can take is to SHUT HIS MOUTH, do his job correctly, take the scolding as advice and move on without making a mountain out of a molehill.