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  1. mikeups1978

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    I've heard that if the company really needs drivers they start pulling them from within before they hire off the street. In my case since I self-disqualified myself in March 2015 my steward told me that I might have a chance 2 go back close 2 a year instead of waiting 4 the contract 2 end. There's no guarantees that it could happen, but @ least I feel better now that I might have hope.

    I regret going back, but mistakes happen so I'm trying not 2 beat myself up 4 it. Don't let opportunities pass U by. If I go 4 it I'm going all the way. I feel like I'm the only 1 who self-disqualified myself. R there some stories where people go back 4 the dumbest reasons?
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  3. Indecisi0n

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    Eye hope u r hired an g8t to go back.
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  4. Turdferguson

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    We had one guy DQ himself because of his inability to spell "for" "to" "are" and "you"
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  5. Big Arrow Down...D

    Big Arrow Down...D Leave the gun,take the cannoli

    They're not even 5 dollar words...
  6. Gumby

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    Bet that was quite embarrassing for you....sorry man!
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  7. Wally

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    How old are you kid? This job is for the long haul so stop the cryin' and fussing and get back to to it when ever they let you.
  8. Box Ox

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    At my location self-disqualifying sidelines you for 2 years. 1 year if the company disqualifies you.
  9. SCV good to go sir.

    SCV good to go sir. Active Member

    I've heard of people going back to school because they were too dumb.
  10. mikeups1978

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    I'm 36 years old.
  11. mikeups1978

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    I regret it because all the seniority passing me by.
  12. mikeups1978

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    What did U mean IndecisiOn about "Eye hope u r hired an g8t to go back". I'm not following?
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    He's just trying to show you how foolish you look by using numbers instead of words. Ive never understood why people do that. Will you enlighten us why you do it?
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    My daughter sent me a text in which she wrote "K" instead of "OK". I jokingly asked her how much time she saved by leaving off the "O". It has become a running joke and we end our texts to one another with "K".
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  15. trickpony1

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  16. Cowboy Mac

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    You're the only one who CAN "self-disqualify" yourself.
  17. FrigidFTSup

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  18. Mechanic86

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    Luckily thanks to your self-disqualification mechanics like me will have a little longer to wait before needing an interpreter to decipher your dvirs.
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  19. billerz

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    I know of someone in my center that disqualified himself, he said the job was too hard on his back. Just don't miss the opportunity the second time man, driving is a great job.
  20. rod

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    AB---CD gold fish?
    MN no gold fish