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    is anyone familiar with overhead wire laws in the state of Illinois?if one is taken down either going forward or backing up is it a non-preventable or preventable..or is solely up to the company discretion..???
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    In my district ANY backing accident is preventable. Everything is up to the company discretion.
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    I know an Estes driver. He always talked about taking lines down and just keep on moving is what he would say.
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    Taking down over head wires is a chargeable accident. Did not check for proper clearance.
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    Most utility companies and cities have set heights as to how high lines must be placed. That being said the couple of times I tore down some tv cable lines I just kept driving. I wouldn't recommend that in todays UPS but at the time it seemed like the thing to do.
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    Once again I will ask--why wouldn't you report it? Its not like you get safe driving prizes anymore. Whats to lose?
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    We don't?? :( What do you consider that paper "plaque" and dumb little pin?