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    One of my recurrent themes on BC has been the way FedEx management overlooks frequent falsification on the part of couriers. Why would such an "ethical" company tolerate employees who lie every day on their PowerPads? Here's why:

    1. It makes the numbers look better for managers, who live and die career-wise based on their statistics. If a courier creates phony exception codes for pkgs that were legitimately late, not only do the numbers look better, but FedEx doesn't have to do refunds for "late" pkgs. Most customers aren't going to notice the difference between 10:30 and 10:32 or if their late was coded-off using some bogus excuse.

    2. It helps maintain the illusion that the operation is running flawlessly. When a courier codes-in a "break" while they are returning to the station in rush hour traffic, they not only comply with having to take a break, chances are that their freight will make the CTV and the aircraft. When a courier does a few pickups or sorts their truck during "break", they are essentially working for free as well. Skillful couriers know how to process their pickups without showing glaring gaps that would make their cheating obvious.

    3. It saves FedEx money. By forcing couriers to work off the clock in order to get their work done, they save millions. Late start times, higher performance expectations,extended breaks, and OLCC's for minor errors create a scenario in which many couriers have to cheat just to keep up. Experienced couriers are usually good enough to not have to do this, but newer people often cannot keep up and risk the wrath of the system when they fail.

    4. Management knows this is happening, but they do nothing unless the courier is caught in the Catch-22 situation of a customer being able to prove their pkg was late, or their pickup made, but not processed until later. Guess what? The courier gets fired for falsification, and the manager pretends to know nothing, even though they are fully aware of what's been going-on and how the intense pressure to perform has created a situation where electronic falsification is rampant. FedEx intentionally creates a no-win scenario, and then eliminates employees who do as they are "told". "Be safe", but do not have any lates. "Don't work off the clock", but you had better not be late getting back to the station. "Take your mandatory break", but get everything done on time, don't have any paperwork errors, and again, "be safe".

    5. Ever wonder why managers on the BC won't answer these charges? First, they are true, and second, because it's highly likely they go right along with this charade because to do otherwise makes them look bad to their superiors. Maybe they hold their noses, but they do it anyway.

    Sickening, and just one more reason we need representation.
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    Or maybe they just don't want to see an employee fired and give the employee another chance. They are not going to admit to it here or anywhere. Or maybe they don't respond because they know how unfounded your claims are.
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    Don't think for a second that FedEx has the patent on falsification. The biggest problem I see on our side are the drivers who put a lunch in their DIADs yet continue to work through it. There is falsification in regard to avoiding late airs--one of the more common is the CLO 1 at 1029 with a stop complete at 1100 on a 1030 commit. I would guess that there is the potential for falsification in every facet of the driver's job. There is a thread in which a center manager was fired for directing several drivers to pad their miles.

    As was said above, falsification tends to get overlooked when the employee in question makes their numbers look good.
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    BS, as far as your "unfounded" comment goes. It happens all the time, and you know it. Some may give the employee another chance but if it comes down to a manager's job vs. a courier's job, who are they going to believe? All the manager has to do is quote policy, even if he/she is fully aware of the realities of falsification. They go along with it because they have to.
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    You don't know what I know. Your anecdotal evidence with a minuscule amount of data does not prove widespread falsification, therefore your claims are, by definition, unfounded. Not sure where you are going with the quoting policy thing. If it is policy then what difference if a manager quotes it? If an employee, any employee, knowingly violated a policy, then why would they expect anything other than appropriate discipline. If an employee chooses to falsify, then they need to be willing to accept the consequences.
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    So the only real difference between an Express courier and a Ground driver is the extent to which they are able to falsify records and make the numbers look good? Aside from fashion faux pas, is that it? That's what passes for the vast greatness of Express over Ground and UPS over Ground? If that's it, y'all are in deep do-do.
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    FedEx corporate ethics suck across the board. They have created their own doo-doo storm and are in neck deep.