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  1. hi just wondering if theres any language in the contract in regards to getting overpaid. I have been having payroll errors in my favor, notified management, and problem still ongoing. Sooner or later they are going to take back the extra dough, is there a time limit on the correction of this problem. I dont want to get hit with all the money taken out all at once as i have spent the dough, hey you only live once. thanks in advance.
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    Yes, there is, I don't remember the specifics but it is an improvement, go to the teamsters website and look at the contract, or contact your ba. It used to be they could come back even after a year and recover money it happened to two in my center, now there is a time limit. So check it out.
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    Article 17 of National Master
    When an employee notifies the Employer in writing of any ongoing overpayment, the employee's increasing liability will cease five (5) working days after the date of the written notification. The notification shall be provided to the employee's immediate supervisor or manager.

    Save a copy of this notification for your own records and also give a copy to your steward.

    Good Luck
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    Why would you say something to Mgmt.? They wouldn't come to you if they screwed up!!
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    they never have and never will..
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    You should have kept quiet and put the extra into a savings account. That way if they came at you, you would have the money and would be able to pay it back and keep the interest. If they didn't catch on, then you'd have a nice savings account for a down payment on a house of for a rainy day.
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    When I began driving almost a year ago, they started me off at top rate....never said a word. I heard they can go back 3 months to collect, but haven't seen anything official on the matter.
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    this happened to me in the past and they just take it out of your next paycheck.
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    Integrity...enough said:peaceful:
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    just had this happen to me this week.. Im out of sick days... I was out sick 1 day and Scheduled off another... got a check for 40 hours because I guess they are manually entering in my hours.. I dont punch in anymore I just show up and work.... I notified a manager about it... he very sloppily wrote it down on a pad and didnt seem to care.... who knows.... all I know is I did what I am supposed to and notified them of the error....
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    I once received a check w/ about an extra 12 hrs. of overtime...notified Mgt. of error, I never a heard anything about this

    another time I received an extra vacation check for a week that I was scheduled to work...once again I notified Mgt. of this overpayment...the response was "Accounting doesn't make errors"...at least I was honest and tried to fix the errors