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  1. UPS Customer

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    Good Afternoon,

    I utilize UPS services very often. Recently, I order some merchandise overseas (United Kingdom to be exact) which was to be shipped to me. The company delivered my package via Royal Mail (Royal Mail Ltd) and Royal Mail delivered my package to UPS. UPS was to ship the package to my home in New York, however I still havent received anything. The UK tracking information states that my package reached the United states on January 3rd. It is now January 14th and I have not even received a mail notice. This has me worried and I am beginning to think that my package is either lost or stolen. What should I do?
  2. barnyard

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    I would contact the shipper. If you have a tracking #, call UPS or go to the UPS page on Facebook.

    This is not a UPS site.
  3. UPS Customer

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    Thank you for your response. I do not have a shipping # for UPS and the shipper insist that I continue waiting for the package. My friends ordered the same time that I did and have already received their packages. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if it eventually comes.
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    Royal mail is the postal service here in the UK,are you sure the package hasn't been passed to USPS not UPS
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    My friend doesn't live to far from me and UPS delivered his package. I just assumed UPS would deliver mine as well.
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    I find it interesting your screen name hasn't been registered before.
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    I am not an active user on this site. I was browsing ways to contact UPS and I stumbled upon this site. I looked through the threads and posts and felt that this site would be a good place to get valuable feedback. I asked a question to see if anyone could give me an answer. I utilized the answers I was given and contacted USPS to see if they have my package. They don't. So to be honest I have no idea where the package is at this point.
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    I guarantee you that no one here does either.
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    (He wasn't making fun of you. It's just a generic screen name one would assume to have already been in use prior to 2013.)

    All we can give are ideas, suggestions and advice. While a majority of us are employed by UPS, it's not likely to find one of the persons responsible for your package on this website, and as such we wouldn't have specific knowledge as to the whereabouts of your package. Your best bet with the information you've provided would be to contact the shipper, find out how he sent the merchandise and seek a tracking/shipping number in order to follow it's progress without having to jump through a hundred hoops.
  10. UPS Customer

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    Thank you and I was suprised as well lol.

    I guess I am just a little desperate at this point. The original shipper wont respond back to my emails and I am just seeking some glimpse of hope. This was my first (and last) time ordering from overseas. I appreciate all the feedback given. I am just going to assume that the package is lost/ stolen and try to file a claim with Royal Mail. Thanks again.
  11. barnyard

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    If you paid via credit card, contact them and start a claim with them.
  12. UPS Customer

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    Ok thats what I will do
  13. sortaisle

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    Don't be surprised if it's held up at customs. Since UPS didn't ship it from beginning to end, there could be customs issues and it could take up to 2 weeks to get them resolved. If it originated with UPS and ended at UPS then there'd be no customs issues since we have an excellent customs program. But the impetus is with Royal Mail. UPS won't get the package until customs clears it...if UPS gets it at all! It could go to any carrier at this point...good luck!
  14. UPS Customer

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    Thats what I was hoping (despite the potential custom fees). I am willing to give it another week. Since it shipped on January 2nd, an additional week should be enough time to pass customs and be delivered. I hope that is the case. Thanks.
  15. barnyard

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    Be careful about waiting too long to file a claim with your card company. If you wait too long, you could be SOL.