OverTen-The Movie

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    OverTen Now-The Movie

    I hate being on vacation! Especially 2 weeks back to back. I can't wait to get back into the s***, and touch the DIAD....I love the smell of cardboard in the morning. In the tradition of the movie "Apocalypse Now"

    Click on link below...This will take you to the "Angry Skunk" page of the Sony video site "Acid Planet"......Then click on "Play Artist Video>>" This will allow you to view in large screen format.:knockedout:


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  2. Monkey Butt

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    Cool ... definitely worth a look - Doors and Apocalypse Now with a disturbing blend of Brown.
    Just coolly disturbing.
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  3. trplnkl

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    Sorry, don't see the cool part...disturbing yeah. JMO.
  4. soberups

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    When I joined this forum I noticed that Tieguy reminded me of Col. Kurtz.
  5. trickpony1

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    ...probably the best post I have seen on this forum.

    Congrats to the OP.

    PS- you have to look deeply into the symbolism portrayed to truly appreciate the artistry.
  6. DS

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    I found this little movie quite intriguing.Being a soldier in 'nam compared to not knowing whats in store every day as a driver,are somewhat similar except that that one little mistake could end up being your last over there.As a driver,that mistake could deprive you of your livelihood,which in todays economic times would be devastating to any young family.
    I couldn't help thinking....
    This is my diad,there are many like it,but this one is mine.My diad is my best friend,it is my life.I must master it as I must master my life....etc etc
    Gazoo,I'm sure this was done tongue in cheek,but it has a certain darkness that stinks of gasoline and unbridled depression.
    Great post~!:sad-very:
  7. trplnkl

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    I hope no one thought I was disparaging the OP, not at all. My assessment was that I figured disturbing was the message. Not being able to connect the horrors of a battle field to my experiences as a UPS driver is due to my never having been in the military. I can only imagine the mental images that a veteran gets. I have no doubt that some of them are very disturbing.
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    That was awesome- well done!
  9. rod

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    awesome-- Nothing like the Doors to set your mind free:peaceful: