Overtime/doubleshifting Question

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by AngryKoala, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. AngryKoala

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    I was from someone told that if I worked an extra day during the week, then I would get overtime pay on the last day. For example, I usually work as a loader from Mon thru Friday but I decided to double shift on Sunday. Does that mean I get overtime pay on Friday?

    I just received my paycheck and it said I only over-timed for 0.39 hours and when I did my calculations I got paid $9.50 for all of the hours I worked. Does that mean no overtime pay for double shifting or was there a mistake?
  2. smokey711

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    Are the total hours correct? I believe the pay week is Sun-Sat, so if you work M-F and then the following Sun, the Sunday will be on your next check. But, yes I do believe that Sunday will be paid at time and a half.
  3. NewChris

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    I was told that after 5 hours a day it's OT. But yet somehow you're only paid $12 and some change on the second shift if you work a double??

    I'm not eligible to work doubles yet, have to be there 30 days. I'll find out soon! :sick:
  4. working up a sweat

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    They pay you time and half after 5 hours doing PT. During peak, they work you 4 hours and then give you 1 hour lunch break. You go back and work another 5. The sups might send you home if you are getting near overtime status. It is stupid, why would they pay 40 an hour for FT instead of 15 an hour for PT. FT trumps all here.