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    Why is management so ignorant to see how much of their budget is being used cutting full time routes with part timers to cut overtime. I have a rural route that takes about nine to ten hours each day. Each morning my supervisor tells me to pull enough stops to get me under eight hours for the day. He then gives these stops to a part timer who takes about five hours to do two hours of work. Am I missing something here because I not seeing how this is very cost effective. Please let me know your opinion regarding this.
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    It's a game. It's not about being cost effective. It's about cutting OT hours on a report. If they're focusing on OT hours, they're not focusing on PT hours.
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    You called it. It's the report that matters, not the reality. Managers create the fantasy that Memphis wants and all is good. That's why they're so good at falsifying and creating bad data.

    Garbage in = garbage out.
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    In your particular case it may not be. However, think of all those couriers who are out there dogging it. It adds up.
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    It's the complete opposite here. Part timers going home after the sort,their routes being absorbed by full timers.

    It adds OT to the full timers but keeps the part timers at their minimums...