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    I’m preload and each day last week I worked over 6hrs 3 days and over 8hrs 1 day and nearly 6 another day, yet my check only shows 4 hours of ot and my 8 something hour day doesn’t seem to be adding to my overtime. For that day the time card shows “TEMP STS CHANGE - PAY ACTUAL”. We worked that whole time and I want my ot. Is there a payroll number I can call or do I have to talk to someone at my building (they never have time to look into stuff)? I know Fedex had a 800 number and they could pull your info and check these things but what about ups
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    Tell union. So they know whats going on.
    Confront your full time sup about it. If they cant fix it use the union.
    Talk to a shop steward and file a grievance...after you do that, use corporate. Corporate doesn't like when local management :censored2:s up peoples paychecks and hours.
    Make a corporate complaint that your hours are messed up
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    So I asked a shop steward from our building. That "pay actual" means someone went into your time card and purposely changed it. Thats illegal. They stole that ot from you by doing that.
    Either way I would call corporate and tell them what happened and that you do not believe local management can handle the situation.
    Call ups corporate number.
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    Sounds like they tried to code you As full time that day
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    That's some bole sheet.
    Grieve it. And tell everyone else about to double check their paystub, odds are you're not the only one that was a "temp sts" that day
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    thanks for the advice. I asked one supervisor today and they couldn’t locate the full time. Heard people over the walkies calling for him, I did do, but no response. Soo I’ll go to the union guy Monday or if I see him tomorrow
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    Corporate phone call.