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    Hi There,
    In my center in Missouri, they are cracking down on over time for art 22 people, but letting pt's work all the o/t they want. Is this happening in your center or hub?
    Several months ago, on a Friday we were working on a spill in DMP on the midnight sort. Mgmt, kicked out all FT'ers in 8 hours. Turns out the pt'ers who stayed, left at 9:30 Saturday morning.
    I filed a grievence based on seniority. I lost it at the hearing because, both mgmt and union said, since the pt'ers were still on straight time they could kick ft'ers out.
    Right now, pt'ers are getting o/t hand over fist while ft'ers are out in 8 hours.
    Are they cracking down on o/t for ft'ers at your hub and center. Apparently, seniority doesn't mean anything anymore.

    Your thoughts on this.
  2. UnsurePost

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    What does your supplement say about overtime? If anything?

    I am a 22.3 here in Local 25 Boston and it varies building to building. In the small center ALL 22.3 receved no OT, this was mandated from center manager and DM.

    In the hub I work at now, we do get some (very little) OT. Overall, I must say that the union here enforces NO OT for PT before FT as well as possibly can happen. Surely a few cases will slip through the cracks here and there, mostly sneaky business and side-deals with employees.

    Also UPS has tried several clever things such as starting PT earlier than FT and etc to keep 22.3 at 4 hours per shift. It is ridiculolus at times but it is what it is . :knockedout:
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    As far as 22.3 jobs go, the company hates them. The union made the company create them back in 1997. They are 8 hour jobs. In my building they have always been on top of the 22.3's to get them off the clock with very little to no overtime. I was a 22.3 for a year.....I saw it first hand. If the company could eliminate the 22.3 jobs they would do it in a heartbeat.

    The p/t getting the ot instead of the 22.3's doesn't sound right to me. Of course the p/t more than likely are being paid alot less per hour so for management its a win win but really you're comparing apples to oranges or rather you have apples bumping oranges. Its not a level playing field. :knockedout:
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    Yeah, you better believe that UPS hates art 22 people. They are trying to make it as miserable as possible for us. In MO, especially in our hub, they really hate us becasue they had to pay back pay fo a whole year. They were supposed to put up the jobs and never did, so an arbitrator said they had to give us back pay. So in other words, we got credit for a whole year of full time without working full time.
    To me it is the most assinine thing I had ever heard of as far as UPS, hating us. The turnover rate is off the charts in our hub. They should put in a revolving door in the building.
    If they would make the majority of workers full-time, the turn over rate would go down to zero. Plus the company saves a ton of money because instead of paying two people benefits, they pay only one.
    I cant wait to see what the next contract will be like. What else will they take away? They have already taken away insurance for new hires. Good Grief.
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    Yikes! How much was that check?
  6. UnsurePost

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    What does the union gain though? no more initiation fees when a whole hub is FT.
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    Good point, which is another reason, Hoffa Jr sold us out. The company saves millions by not paing insurance and high starting wages, and the union gets their initiation fees along with the montly dues. From what I hear, the union starts taking out dues immediately. Sheeesh, no wonder new hires only take home about 100 bucks. It use to be that they didn't start taking out union dues or initiation fees until the new hires made their 30-day probation period. Yep, for the union and company it definitely is a win-win situation.
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    They have cracked down on ot but it's so slow we don't have a chance to get any.

    I think there were over 100 original combos at my hub, now there are about 30 or so. The jobs haven't been eliminated, they just have not been filled or put up for re-bid. The Teamsters are "going" to National Grievance over the loss of the jobs and the loss of air for the 22.3 air drivers who are laid off.
    I am lucky, I got my job reconfigured. I don't have a dream job but I've got one, and for now I think it's safe.
  9. UnsurePost

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    Agreed. At least my limited understand of the subject. It seems like one side scratches the back of the other, and the employees (be it new hire or veteran) pays the price.

    I am happy to be making almost 24/hr and not be laid off or threated to be, though. I think most of us, when it is all said and done, shouldn't complain too much.

    Even if PTs are stealing our OT - many of them are making 15-25/hr for the most part in OT, which is a good bit less than our regular rates.
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    in my area, trenton NJ, air drivers get OT but the part timers dont really get it much. managment tries hard to get the part timers off the clock asap but when it comes to the drivers, they do get OT.
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    its like everthing else at ups the contract does not give a maximum amt of hours you can recieve only the minimum.but the company only follows the contract when it benifits them.file all you want you wont win even though the contract does not support it.its sad but true
  12. Baba gounj

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    there was this little hearing about PT's and ot involving inside work which was ruled in UPS' favor. So of course UPS decided that it applies to every situation ( I/O, O/O, I/I, etc. ) thus we have been working under this for the last few yrs.
    NO 22.3 can have any ot without prior center manager approval.
    It varies from center to center , depending on which center manager is in charge.