P-1000 Package Car Specs?

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  1. Hi there,

    Anyone have access to the measurements from the ground for the initial step (plus each one thereafter) into the package car from both doors and also the back of the car? Also, the measurement of the step down inside the package area, plus the shelf heights from the floor?

    Also, does anyone have an estimate of the weight/force required/needed to pull down the back door when fully opened?

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    Exactly this much....

    Try this.jpg
    Try this.jpg
  3. Haha! Yep - I did do that, but it would be helpful to have an actual "official" source to give to my docs/PT, so they can create targeted, realistic goals based upon clear, objective, factual sources and not just my word.
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    You won't find an official source and they're not all the same. I recommend you get someone on the inside to measure a specific car or at least a car in the same series. Door weight/tension also varies.
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    Gmc are 22 inch step.