why does management think that this P.A.S. Thing is so great.From my understanding it has so many problems. And managment says it takes all skill out of the job don't they even understand make the job unskilled than they will faze out there own jobs because it should be so easy to supervise an unskilled labor force. Now ups/ will say now let's cut management salary LOL oops did'nt think of that did ya. Have fun with your future makes it easier to find any shmoe to your jobs as well. Now understand we are only as smart as managemet that enters the info into there computers. I hope it is as fun as all my friends tell me it is because we don't have it long island city building yet. :greedy:

Big Babooba

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They don't have to cut supervisor's salaries, just cut supervisors. If a center has 4 driver groups, they can eliminate 1 or 2 groups and the supervisors that go along with them. I don't think that the Teamsters would ever complain about management cuts.