P/T Ops Supervisor Pay for 4th of July

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by UPSAngler, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. UPSAngler

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    Just looking for some answers on pay for 4th of July. As my understanding the 4th of July is a UPS paid holiday for all employees. As a P/T Operations supervisor I have been told that we don't get paid for the holiday but gain a descresionary day. I have also been told that we do get paid for it. Just looking for some answers else where.
  2. MGHEN1129

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    yeah i am also a p/t operations/local sort supervisor and that is what i was told as well. so i guess they think that is how they figure that balances out some how by giving hourlys an extra days pay and us a day off when we're gonna get paid for it anyways.. go figure
  3. tieguy

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    saturday is a paid holiday for you. The ptrs system should automatically generate that day as a paid holiday.

    also check the login page for ptrs it usually has the information posted.
  4. Bucket of Boltz

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    If you are a PT Supervisor or Specialist there will not be additional time added to your hours worked for the 4th of July holiday. You will receive an additional day off that will not jeopardize your weekly guarantee.
  5. that you will likely have to bite kick scratch and claw at your manager to get to use...lol I have trouble getting the 5 I have, nevermind one more. Though considering we've lost 2 (possibly 3) supes in the past two weeks....its not surprising.

    they weren't fired, one got a new job, the other is just sick of the BS
  6. pullman

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    We were told that part time supervisors and specialists would not receive an extra day off or pay for the July 4th holiday... We'll see. But I agree it is hard enough to take/get the 5 days off as it is!
  7. upser_J

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    sucks for you guys, :laughing2: you chose going to management, an extra days pay is very nice! glad that next year, the 4th is on sunday and we get the extra day pay again!!!!
  8. drewed

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    if memory serves....last year on the 4th, i worked got holiday and a day off
    if you work you should get additional time added for the holiday and you should have a holiday make up day to take (you get 7 desc days and 6 holidays) thats if you work....if you dont work you burn and its your normal day off you should get paid and keep the day and if you dont work because of layoff for the day you should get paid because you burn the day
  9. bg7519

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    Tonight they told us that we would receive pay for the fourth but would be required to take a day off (unpaid) within the following two weeks.

    This is here in Mesquite though.
  10. Bucket of Boltz

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    bg7519--You should speak with your HR Rep to clarify the information you received because PT supervisors WIll NOT receive an "extra" day of pay this week for the 4th of July. You WILL receive an additional day off at another time which will not affect your weekly guarantee.