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    Hi Everyone,

    I work at the Centennial Hub in Louisville Kentucky. I am a bagger in small sort. I was hired in November as a seasonal hire and became a permanent hire on January 3rd. I was told via many people (employment office employees,orientation leader at hub) that after 90 calendar days I would receive a dollar per hour wage increase.

    My Supervisors and Union reps have been giving me conflicting info on this and was hoping I could get the correct information from someone that has experience with ups payroll.

    As said my start date as a perm hire was January 3rd,2011. I am wondering when I will see the dollar increase on my paycheck. As of now I am still being paid seasonal wage.

    I was also out sick for two weeks during this 90 day period and would like to know if this will delay the raise since those days would not count toward the 90 day period?

    As my name states I am a newbie and still learning sooo much about how this company operates. Any informed person that can provide me with more information on this would be a life saver as I have not had much luck with my Sups or Employment office in regards to getting a straight answer on the matter.

    Thanks so much.
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    Welcome to the BrownCafe and UPS. 90 calendar days after January 03 was April 03 (Sunday), so all your hours worked last week should be paid at $1/hr more. That shows up on the paycheck you get at the end of this week. Your paychecks are always delayed 1 week. Notice I said calendar days, that period of absence has no effect. You fall under the wage schedule in Article 22, section 5 (b) of the UPS-Teamster contract. There is an electronic version here: http://www.browncafe.com/forum/f39/ups-teamsters-national-master-agreement-335360/ , I believe it's on page 72 in the file reader. You are entitled to your own copy of the contract, your union rep should give you one if you ask for it.

    Let me know if the raise doesn't show up this week.
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    another great one by Super Sup Socks, look into the sky it is a full time super sup, no it is just part-time super sup smelly socks. Poor little boy.
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    Man, I hope you say this to your own employees too.

    This is a sign of a good part-time sup, always inspiring the troops to do better.