p/t sup being fired for not being able to recite essts

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    being afraid of getting fired for not remembering the essta can ups really fire p/t sups for memorization ? i mean its not in any of the policy books at ups so how is that lawful firing or is it unlawful firing / does anyone know /
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    A management person, whether full or part time, is considered an "at will" employee of UPS and can be fired at any time for any reason...or even for no reason at all.
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    the information you are required to know actually came from Osha audits. When Osha came in and paid us a visit we would then go back to our people and find out what they were asked.
    We then incorporated those questions into our training.
    We eventually worked it into our corporate settlement agreement with Osha.

    You as a part time supervisor / trainer should know and teach this information. Esta is safe work methods and you are required to be able to explain and demonstrate it.

    Try using some memorization tricks to learn it. First letter acronyms seem to help many.
    Use the buddy system to grade you to ensure you have it correc\t and complete.
    try writing it out to learn it.

    Keep plugging away at it you'll get it.
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    you are so hepful here tie.
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    Or get a union job and get paid not to know it.
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    Thank you for answering my question before I could even ask. I was trying to figure out what kind of equipment essts/essta was, and how/why it would need re-sighting. Kind of hoping it could be ruled as bargaining unit work, and file a grievance, LOL. :funny:
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    Lol that's funny.
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    It sucks. I know. I would like to care, but I am too busy saving my own ass.
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    As long as you know all good kids like milk and you tell them to look sharp and don't get cut you should be all right. if you get nervous pick an imaginary dart board and stay centered in you lane of thought. It also helps if you can demonstrate the twelve keys to lifting and lowering. You also can tell them you like to walk on belts and slides but only when nobody is looking.
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    And only to break jams, move diverters or walk off belts!!
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    being able to recite stuff has become very popular at UPS in the past few years... No, I think I take that back,, UPS has always liked people memorizing stuff.

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    Is that the "real reason" he was fired? (If you know what I mean)
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    And it doesn't do a bit of good. A member of our Safety Committee took my route out Wednesday and hit a mailbox while backing into a 50 foot driveway.
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    Did they at least honk to alert the mailbox to their presence when backing?
  16. scratch

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    I don't know if he honked or not, but he can recite The Ten Points and Five Seeing Habits.......actually he dead headed into the driveway and was backing out into the street. But he knows how to recite the safety stuff well like the rest of the committee that has the most accidents!
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    I bet it was over 60 degrees when OSHA visited that Class "C" building.
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    lol this sucks i cant beable to resight it coz its to much :censored2: osha if this esta was a part of becoming a lam ass p/t sup i would have never became one i think i should ask a lawyer coz this is way to much we have 9 pages of bull :censored2: to resight word for word you cant tell me that this is legal coz ups should tell an employee what to expect befor becoming one i bet no one would become a p/t sup lol,,,,,, ohhh well we'll see what happends im sure ill get my job threaten but oh well what else can i do besides rant on this thread lol thanks peeps
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    That has to be the longest sentence I've read in a long time

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    Like a fly