P/T supervisor starting pay?

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    Hello everyone,

    I've been with UPS for a couple years as an AOT (administrative, non-union position) and recently I finished my maaps process to become a part time supervisor.

    After speaking with my full time supervisor today he told me that I would likely receive the P/T sup job, but that there would also be a couple of AOT jobs opening up that I should consider.

    He discussed the pros and cons of each position with me, but the only thing he wasn't sure about was starting pay for p/t supervisors.

    I asked a few sups that I work with and received a few different answers. Some told me that they received a raise of 20-30% others said that you start at a fixed rate (but didn't know the amount)

    Could anyone clarify this for me? I don't plan on making my decision solely based off the money, but it sure is a factor :P

    Thanks guys!
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    There are pros to being a sup?
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    No physical labor? Not being held liable for anything? No need to get married because u get your share of ass reemings at work?
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    My mistake, I thought this website might actually be helpful.
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    Ah, f'ing classic lol. Good one, hahahaha.
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    Actually, it is. All the flippant remarks given your "opportunity" to become a PT sup should give you some idea of how that career option is perceived by many who have worked at the company for years. By day, I've worked at Fortune 50/500 companies and in my honest opinion the PT sup role is the cruelest role I've every seen exist in any company. I'd explore some of those AOT jobs if I were in your shoes.

    Also sounds like you have a good FT sup who may know more than he is saying about the PT sup opp's by telling you there may be some AOT jobs opening you could consider.
  8. Bagels

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    It's based on your current pay with UPS and may vary from person to person. For reference, first year employees ($10-$11/hour) have recently reported being bumped to $14-$15.
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    I've seen a few of my PT sups paychecks. One was 14.77 an hr, another was 15.05. Both worked there around two years. Plus you're getting
    paid for 27.5 hours a week.
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    Plus you're getting paid for all that overtime you accumulated while stealing union work. Oh wait...?
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    But their raises were about .30 year too. Along with paying for insurance and getting treated like crap by the FT sups.
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    Don't forget to add the cost of knee pads
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    No- this website is primarily for grown men to whine about how hard they work and to ramble on to others about how to perform their job a UPS. You must never question anyone here or talk about anything other than how bad you have it. You need to be condescending to others and pretend that you are the best driver, sorter or whatever it is you do at UPS. Above all, never talk about anything but UPS. Or should I say complain? Lol
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    If I am sharing a table with a guy, and he keeps dipping his fork into my food for a taste, and I allow it by not saying anything or stopping it, is it still stealing?

    There is nothing wrong with going into management. Just be sure to know all the facts by educating yourself. I know some Sups that are happy with their decision to go into management. I know some Teamsters that are happy staying as an hourlie. I know some management that regret going into management. And I know Teamsters that aren't happy with their choice. Educate yourself, and make an informed decision.
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    A lot of people say going into a Pt Sup position is a road to no where. I have to disagree, although I am a union hourly employee I have thought about going into management myself, and I still think about the pros and cons about doing it today. No matter how you look at it a $5 dollar raise is nothing to joke about, that is substantial raise in my book. It is an excellent job for a résumé and even better if your in college and plan on working somewhere else. If you did decided on sticking it out at UPS your chances of being a driver is slim but that doesn't mean it is impossible. FT managers are usually reluctant in making pt managers drivers because they had to spend money making them managers. I assume it is vice versa for drivers, it's probably a slim chance they can become a FT manager, but, again not impossible. There are many positives when being a union employee (job security, guaranteed wage increases, excellent health insurance, minimal mental labor, etc,) but there is also a list of negatives (seniority rules/you can't compete for a better job, top out rates, strikes, lots of physical labor, etc.) Seniority and set tops out rates can be good or bad on how you view them, I personally believe if I where to work harder than the next guy I should be rewarded accordingly thought raises and better job offers. It always sucks to see a slacker get a better job and pay than you because he has worked there longer. But that's just the way it works, and I can not get mad at the fact that it happens in such a way. There is also pros and cons about management, pros being (wage increases based off performance, job offers based off performance, minimal physical labor, endless career advancement, more tuition reimbursement, etc.) and cons being (usually no job security, pay for your benefits, lots of mental labor, etc.).

    I am not saying one is better than the other, but with taking the management route you are taking a risk of being in a ENTRY level management role. You have to prove to your FT that you are awesome at your job so that you can get better raises and move up the ladder. And yeah, you will have to kiss a little a** along the way. Both union and management positions have a lot of responsibility that comes with them just like any other job.

    A key thing to remember if you go management, just remember where you came from. Treat your employees with respect, don't impede on there working right by stealing work, time, etc., and don't right them up for every single thing they do wrong. Both jobs deserve respect and dignity.

    What i have learned in life is treat others the way you want to be treated and with more risk comes more reward.
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    Good your finally catching on...
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    It is a dead end job; in today's world, very few PT supervisors ever move into other positions within the company. If your goal is to go into FT management, you're better off staying hourly, driving seasonally for several years & applying from there. If your goal is a professional position, there's little advantage in serving as a PT supervisor, if any. If you're here for the insurance, you're best off staying a PT hourly. The initial pay bump for PT sup is nice, but they pay at least $70/week for inferior family insurance (higher deductibles & co-pays) and accumulate raises at a much slower pace. In 5 years, A new PTer working 20-hours a week will nearly match the take-home pay of a supervisor working 27.5 hours per week and paying for family insurance. (And many work 30 hours or more but get paid for just 27.5, although the company's gotten better about this here in recent years.) Adjust for the differences in health care claim payouts & peak season - the PT hourly is earning more.

    PT supervision is best for young persons going to college (tuition reimbursement), benefiting from the short-term pay bump & experience on a resume but intending on moving on within 5 years. Hence a dead end job.
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    Although Bagels and I see some aspects differently I think we both can agree that each union and management deserves equal respect and that is the main thing you should take away from these post no matter what you intend on doing.
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