P/T Sups Not Working Their Hours

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    ok, in our center we have 4 data oms and 4 p/t night sups that work 2 to a pair per center.
    Anyways, in the last 6 months it has been noted that 1 of our data oms's and their nightime p/t sup have only been working 3 hour nights and getting paid for 5.5. They are completing data corrections, typing up the service report and leaving. We have been complaining to our boss who complains to their boss that they arent doing there work, yet nothing gets done. Theyre work eventually makes it to us when we have to fix their flips and updata their center in AMS and other systems. Im just trying to figure out the next step to take this too. Ive never been so irritated yet confused in my life. Rumors around the center are job cuts are coming and they will get theirs but those rumors have flown before. We've threatened walking out the door and letting our bosses see how valuable we are and how worthless they are. Without us doing all the overnight work, nothing would get done. Theyre getting paid around 40 hours a month that they arent working since we are guaranteed 27.5 a week whether we work it or not.
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    did somebody say overnite work?
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    You guys should Unionize, I think the Teamsters have an office branch.....

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    I know in New Stanton part time supervisors were not working their hours and the division manager laid down the law. Two female part time supervisors were not working their 5.5 and coming and going whenever they pleased. They were getting away with it because of the female factor. The one girl has been an ongoing problem at UPS from relationships with hourlys to constant call offs. Anyhow one night the other P/T sups decided they were going to cut out early and when the manager asked why the response was "Suzy and Megan do whatever they want". That's when it all ended the two worthless female supervisors were giving an option shift transfer, work your 5.5, or leave. One left the other is a crackpot making up bogus legal claims.
    (Suzy and Megan are not their real names I would love to put their real ones in but I am not sure if I should)
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    these people are attacking us with these walls of words
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    Many employees work for the company for the benefits not the pay. This is why so many PT's are willing to cut-out before their 3.5 hours is up. For the most part the company doesnt force PT's to get off the clock before the 3.5 is up but they don't exactly encourage employees to get the full 3.5 either for obvious reasons. This mentality of the company towards PT's probably carries over to sups and management.

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    Konsole we are talking about P/T sups not Part Time Union. Sups are guaranteed 5.5 whether they work it or not. Pay attention..... j/k
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    kind of funny how these people dont get in trouble for working 3 a night and getting paid for 5.5 but when we have to stay later than 5.5 because we're overloaded with work passed down or other responsibilities that our boss gives to us the whole upper management comes unwound when they might have to pay us overtime. Our F/T Managers try to work out deals with us, like Ill give you a day off in the future or just come in late tomorrow or leave early...which is never the case.
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    dont even consider it

    if u take that deal you are gettin hustled out of your paycheck
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    You'll never get the future day off when YOU want it. it will be when THEY want it, if that ( and of course you probably know this by now)

    We had a part-time sup on the twilight shift in our building that was walked off property when the video survelliance showed her coming and going as she pleased while on the clock. Although this is a different situation and case, I could see something like this happening to these part-time sups you are speaking of, soon.
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    well imagine this .. they gave the guy 3 days off this week, have passed all of his work down to me, and expect me to cover for him all next week as well since hes on regular vacation. I am also having to cover for one of the p/t employees who works 3 hours a night then leaves. So basically im doing 3 jobs the next 8 days and not getting 1 thing out of it .
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    We are Salary up to 27.5 hours, so if a Sup works fast he can go home, otherwise we would be paid hourly.

    If someone isn't pulling their weight they will get fired eventually for messing something up.

    We don't have set schedules either we work with each other to cover for vacations and personal days, do these other Sups' have classes they to for college?

    As far as walking out, very few part-time sups are valuable and we all are easily replaceable.

    Tell them you don't have enough time to do your work and their work and stay within 5.5 a day.


    First of all, those union members complaining have no room to complain, first: you get away with murder, you have 9 lives because of the union, fact: 50% of union hourlies would have been fired by now if it wasnt for the union, reason: laziness, attendance;misloads;insubordination-fact managers are too lacksed because of the union. appreciate the union job and the oppty. you have because when you get better insurance and pay the pt sups. get nothing but higher insurance rates and crappy pay; so appreciate it and quit whining!
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    Back when I was PT my sups were constantly having to justify why they had to work for more than 5.5 hours per day. Oftentimes, most the sups didn't work on friday because they already hit 27.5 and one poor sup had to do the work of the rest that day.

    PT sup is easily the worst position at UPS. But I suppose it is what you make of it. I've had a few that loved the job and raped UPS for all the tuition money they could before they split.
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    The company not enforcing hourlies to get their 3.5 is similar to not enforcing the sups to get their 5.5 though. The sups are guaranteed 5.5 hours pay and the hourlies are guaranteed 3.5 hours pay.
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    Haha, my Full Time Lead must be from the Old Boys Way of doing things because despite the numerous reports, follow ups and discipline, to add along with a full operation that runs sometimes to midnight...we are expected to be at our 27.5. And if you do need to go over...boy, we are typing away giving a military write up of the week events that led us to point of possibly being over .50 minutes (30 minutes). But, just the way of the gun. :robot:
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    almost 6 months later this problem is still going on, all upper management knows about it and is still letting them get away with it. They have actually moved one of the data sup girls to an oms position and left 3 of us instead of 4 and they are still getting away with only working 3 1/2 - 4 hours and not completing other tasks that we're assigned.
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    That's how a lot of workplaces are, different people are held to different standards.

    Have you thought about getting your work done quickly yourself so you can leave early? A salary job is different from an hourly job. If you get your required work done before 27.5 you are free to go, it is not stealing time.

    If what they were doing was a serious problem in the grand scheme, managers surely would have dropped the hammer by now. Especially considering how tight things have gotten as of late in the company.
  19. Red Rose Tea

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    As long as they are putting their correct time (report and finish) into PTRS, it is legit. The problem for you is the unfairness and work load.. Maybe, you should have a meeting with your manager to re balance the workload.
    Eventually, it will be addressed, someone will figure it out and say to them "do we really need you"?
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    In my center there was a oms coming in early and working, leaving when her work was done, sometimes she worked 4-6 hours sometimes 3-4 hours, if she went over she wouldn't charge for it, she had her time card made out for 5.5 and never changed it well one morning she was there about 8 hours then went home. Hr and security came in while she was there, after she went home they made her come back, they came looking for her, the manager called security and claimed she was stealing time. She explained to them what she did and that she thought she was a supervisor and if she didn't go over 27.5 it was ok. they told her she had to put down the time she came in and the time she went home daily on her time card. She would only get paid for the time she was at work they told her. Now she updates her time card daily and prints out a paper with the time on it for proof.