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  1. jcohen

    jcohen Ottawa Preloader

    So the biggest package cars that we have in Ottawa are P1000's and I was wondering if anyone had pictures of a P1200.
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  2. DS

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  3. soberups

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    Heres a pic of the ass end of a 12 that got hung up on the concrete fuel island when the driver made too sharp of a turn. Gotta watch the tail swing on these......

  4. scratch

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  5. dilligaf

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    We had a 1200 for a short time. Most drivers are intimidated by them because of the size. The few times that I drove it, I was going "OOOOH YA!!". Almost as fun as driving a tractor/trailer. I sure felt at home.
  6. Cementups

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  7. Monkey Butt

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    I can relate to that.
    I drove one of those things in Seattle back in 97.
    The swing on P1200 is worse than a 24 foot van.
  8. Cementups

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    I drive a P13 on the daily. Not bad just got to give yourself a little turn room
  9. jcohen

    jcohen Ottawa Preloader

    Thanks for the pics guys, damn that's a big truck.
  10. iowa boy

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    I drove one of these a few weeks back. Easy to drive and back up with a reverse camera, but the second day I drove it, someone decided to borrow the rear view monitor. Consequently made it alot harder to work with:nervoussmiley:, but still didn't hit anything when backing up.:hapydancsmil:
  11. soberups

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    When I pull a pup trailer with my P7, its basically like driving a P12 that is hinged in the middle.
  12. splozi

    splozi Guest

    I think I load one of these. Had 520 packages on it one day last week. I assume that amount wouldn't fit in a smaller one...
  13. upsman2940

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    I have a p1200 the new ones are nice for a pkg car! Right now everything works well including keyless entry.
  14. UPSmeoff

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    Same here. It has that low emission, low sulfer diesel that doesn't smoke.
    I love the keyless entry.
  15. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    ​LOL That depends on the size of the pkgs and how well the preloader loads it.
  16. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    ​I like the keyless entry, I hate the keyless start. Mine has quit twice in the past couple of weeks and it's a PITA to get the combo for the lockbox.
  17. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    Does it still have the conventional keyed ignition switch? Or did it come from the factory with keyless only? All of our cars are retrofits, they still have the original functioning ingition switch and the key for that switch is on the spare fob in the lockbox. I called the shop, got the code, and now the key "lives" on the fob that hangs on my belt. If I run into any issues, I just stick the ignition key back in and go old school without losing any time at all.
  18. brownmonster

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    We have a 1200 that drops off 600 pkgs at 3 stops and later in the day runs rural routes. Try delivering farm to farm and avoid backing in a 12.
  19. splozi

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    This particular route used to be split between a "24-footer" and a mid-sized truck. They took off one stop and combined it into one long ass truck. That 520 day... the shelves were packed as tight as (enter vulgar example here), and down center all the way to the ceiling... front to back.
  20. Jackburton

    Jackburton Gone Fish'n

    Sounds like a typical Monday at the Roswell hub.