PA- Part Time Sups, I can't be the only one??

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    I would like to first say thank you for all the hard work you did this past PEAK season, but now it is Cut Back time! I feel more safe in the woods during deer season than I do as a Part Time Supervisor after a PEAK Season. Oh yes, UPS wants your mind, body, and soul during PEAK, but after that you are nothing more than a highlighted name on an email. Which leads me to my question: Are UPS Part Time Supervisors paid fairly compared to the employees they manage? My fulltime and part time union and nonunion employees make more money than I do. As an added insult, I have more years of service at UPS than many of them. Their raises are higher than the Part Time Sups ever get or hope to receive.

    I can say with a certainty of confidence that every one of us became Part Time Supervisors because we want to be leaders in this great company. As that statement came rolling off my fingers onto the keyboard,and for just a brief moment in time, I remembered why I signed my name to that sheet of paper......because in that moment I wanted nothing more than to be a leader at UPS and yes, I thought I would be rewarded for that. Unfortunately, years later I find myself like many other Part Time Sups- disheartened with the company and looking at the want ads a little more often. This is my gripe; should we, at the bear minimum, be paid as well as the Non-union and Union employees we manage? As our health care premiums go up between 7 an 13 percent each year, our health care benefits get inferior each year and now we pay he first $2300 out of pocket expense. Before you see a doctor, make sure you shop around and get some quotes. Hell, it's only your life... Everything in our lives is going up, the cost of milk, bread,gas, etc. Everything, that is, except our PAY CHECKS!

    Part Time Sups, does anyone have the Union hall phone number........??

    Be Safe, thanks for reading!
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    You are right, you are nothing but a number to the company..Years ago there may have been a chance to move up the ladder but with all the cutbacks, P/T sups were really thrown back. Do more with less. If you would of researched your job before commiting yourself you would of heard what it is really was like. That said, At Ups for over 25 yrs before I retired I saw P/T ers come and go. They would work their tails off with the hope of better positions down the road. Unfortunatly many F/T sups were in the same boat with many many years of service with no advancement up just lateral moves around the company. With all the larger centers and less needed to run them, you will more than likely end up like many others who just hang it up as you see you are for the most part in a dead end job with no realistic (unless someone up above likes you) future. They will work you to the bone, say just enough to keep your hopes up, almost like dangling a carrot in front of a horse drawn buggy. Good luck.......You will need it:knockedout:
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    Good questions. How much more do you want to be paid? Remember you are part time.
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    He wants to be paid slightly more than the people he supervises, which is the way it works at most companies.
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    They don't do any actual work though.
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    Cry me a river man up and be thankful you have a job in this economy.
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    Part time supe is a stepping stone. You are either going to school or looking to be promoted to full time supe.
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    John Lennon wrote : "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans "
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    Side note to the OP / Your screen name says it all: Your total identity is UPS but, wait for it..................... you're just another number
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    He must be going to school becasue he has a better chance of winning powerball than becoming a FT SUP.
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    You are correct, life is what happens.
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    I think you made a big mistake bro. Going into management is not a good idea. I respect the reason you stated for doing so but I have seen UPS management destroy way to many people. If you stayed in the union you more then likely would have been a driver by now making top pay. Also, you would have union protection and would have normal working hours. I can tell you horror stories about what goes on in my building with management. Let's start with the part time supervisors. Word is getting out how bad UPS treats their management people. In my building we are down about eight part time supervisors. UPS simply cannot get anyone in the building to take the job. They are literally begging the new hires who don't know any better to become supervisors. They are even hiring people with no UPS experience off the street to become supervisors. If you read the UPS policy book that's totally against policy. " We promote from within". Promotions for part time supervisors are happening a little quicker now because a lot of full time supervisors are quitting. In the Nassau Hub we have had four full time supervisors quit in about six months. Even with that being the case it could take up to ten years to get a promotion to full time supervisor. If you are unlucky enough to get promoted to a full time supervisor here is what you can look forward to. Horrible working hours, 13-14 hour work days with no OT pay, no official break, and getting abused mentally and physically every single day of your life. The full timers in my building are all under a doctors care and medication for stress. It's something out of a third world country how they get treated.

    I'm not preaching to you here. I am not saying the way I chose is the only way. I can only talk to you from experience and what I've seen. Yes my union is corrupt and all of that. The union has it's share of bullcrap too. But by far it's the lesser of two evils in my opinion. My union also does a lot of good too. As does UPS. I am thankful to UPS for having a job and giving me and my wife and children benefits. However I simply cannot ignore how many lives I've seen UPS management destroy. And I regularly have face to face conversations with employees at work about this. I'm not some pro union anti management person. I have good working relationships with both sides. I had some great management bosses. And it hurt me to see how poorly ups treated them. Good luck dude.
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    Pretty soon no one will want to work at UPS no matter what the pay the way things are going......Drivers helpers over the years wised up to the game..Never really got hours promised and had to be on standby...What a joke:greedy:

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    I hate to kick you when you are down but by the sounds of your post you aren't cut out to be a leader in this company. I am not sure what you classify as "years" but if you have been a part time supervisor for more than five years, I would run the other direction and look for a new job. The part time supervision gig is a five year deal. As a part time supervisor you really aren't making any big decisions without someone higher up signing off on it.

    Your full time employees should make more than you after all they are full time. If your part time employees are making more than you then its your fault.

    Get a sheet of paper and add up your operating cost for the month of October 2010. Operating cost being your employees pay rates and the hours they worked. Now in February cut all the time you can from your employees and show the savings you made for your company in a nice little write up to your manager.

    What have you done to be made a leader in the company?