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    hello im new here and was wondering if i could get some answers. i applied back in early june the 11th to be exact, and i knew that was a bad time to apply but hey it never hurts, as i figured i havent been contacted and was wondering when does ups start hiring for pt pre load handler jobs. also does ups look at old apps or do they prefer people who submit new apps more. just thought i would ask.
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    they usually hire you right away.
  3. drewed

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    some places have a hiring freeze at the moment, theyll stick take the app and probably get you in for an interview and hold it till it opens up.... we'll be ramping up for peak in a couple months
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    I applied back in late May and recieved a call the very next week for a tour on June 2nd. I then received a call the very next day to come in for an interview on June 5th. They told me then it would take 2 to 4 weeks for them to call IF i was to be offered a job. They finally called me on July 28th and offered me the job. I started on the 30th of July. I would say call, but it's almost impossible to contact human resources. One more note, out of 30 people who showed for the tour only 3 were hired. Good luck and hope you get the call.
  5. drewed

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    or they could have gone through the other 27.......
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    Possible but my sup said we were the first new hires in almost two months.
  7. ORLY!?!

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    It depends on what place of business it is really. If it’s a HUB, then it takes a little extra time.

    In fact, it took them about 2 weeks to contact me. By then, I gave up hope. Finally they call back. I get asked to show up at the HR or human resources building at 6 am.

    Show up and there’s about 6-8 people waiting for the same reason. The women working HR is late, of course. We enter the building and proceed to the second floor. Inside we sit down and await her to suit up for the little speech about UPS. In about 5 minutes of time, 20 and more people start showing up. The room is almost filled with people standing and sitting.

    Finally she comes out and goes “wow “to the once group of 7-8 that has grown towards 30 some odd people. Then she asks a question regarding to what shift people are for, then states that this is only for the overnight shift only. Then she states that everyone here for this shift can stay, the others will be contacted in time “when” a shift for the day or twilight opens up. More then 75% of the room gets up and leaves. Leaving about the original 7-8 there was before. Man, talk about cutting the fat already, these people weren’t even hired yet and they said “see yea”.

    I was told we would be contacted as soon as possible. Another week rolls around and they call me, it’s Thursday, the same day of the week we were told to go to HR. She just talked to me for a bit, like a mini interview. After this talk she said we will be contacted real soon. Another week rolls around, Thursday (ugh), they call me up again and set up a tour of the building, at 8am. This day was on Monday, surprisingly, also Monday is usually a slow day at our HUB. The women who took us threw the building, is now my main line supervisor. It lasted about 20 minutes, and we were shown out, we were told we would most defiantly be contacted that following afternoon. This was to fill out the remainder of our interview.

    Guess what, no contact whatsoever. I was heart broken because I thought they seconded my application and tossed me to the side. The week went on and I forgot about it completely. Guess what, Thursday rolls around and I get a call from HR same women. She told me to go online and fill out the rest of my applicant (My god people, what a curve ball out of left field and in the contrast of the sun).

    It took UPS about 5 weeks to get me in the front door to the shift long class.

    But seriously, before I ramble on, it could be a whole host of things that is stopping them contacting you. It could be, they hired a few people who haven’t quit yet. It depends on the shift or time of day. The overnight shift is the hardest to fill, so that is always a sure bet of getting hired. Also, researching on their website that will tell you what is in demand at the time. Pre-loaders are usually the job everyone quits or is let go from. Un-loaders have a good staff always, because it is easy to do, only after practice of course. So that position is hardly open.

    Besides, you don’t determine where you work, what position, they do.

    Good luck with your application. And a word of advice, apply for what they need, not what is in your best interest or timeframe. They only work with people who can apply themselves 100% to their needs.
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  8. ORLY!?!

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    Plus, they look down at people with criminal records.
  9. SoyFish

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    Meh, people walk out during work hours and don't get fired at my UPS. They will basically hire I dunno why you didn't get called or whatever.
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    Soy, what exactly does "meh" mean? I am perplexed. I am thinking "unnhh" but not sure.
  11. SoyFish

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    Ummmm, like meh is like ehh. I guess like "whatever" I don't really know lol
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    I always equated "meh" to a shrug.
  13. SoyFish

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    ^ yeah, like a shrug. That works too.
  14. When I was hired, I hadn't heard from them in over a month, so I sent HR an E-mail. Within 2 weeks of sending the e-mail, I started working. My question for you is, Have you taken the tour yet?
  15. newmanfan1

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    no i havent been contacted or anything. im thinking there on a hiring freeze. id love to contact them and follow up and stuff but i dont know where i would go to get information about that im guessing the 1-800 ups number. im hoping with school starting that it opens up but hey w/e. how would i get the hr's email cause i would atleast like to follow up even though its been like almost 2 months.
  16. chester farmer

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    We were hiring 10 a week since Jan but 2 weeks ago backed it down to 7. We are a hub and most people are hired with in 2 weeks from tour day. Back when I was hired I was called 3 days after my tour and started 1 week to the day after that initial tour. So it doesent always take long.
  17. Well the first thing they'll do is have you come in for a tour of your facility. When you applied, what shift did you put in for? You have a much better chance of being hired quicker for midnight shift than the twilight shift. Your facility may be on a hiring freeze, but I wouldn't worry too much, they'll start hiring again pretty soon if that's the case.
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    I got my tour / interview a couple weeks after applying. However, I wasn't hired until 2 months after my application date. I work in a small building that does not have a HR person in it. The HR person comes from far away to do these interviews and hirings.
  19. tyugar

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    Many are hired in august to fill the places of college students who are moving on.
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    i applied for the 4am to 9am pre load shift. i heard its the hardest one lol. o well i can handle i work pretty much the same exact thing were i work now, except i dont get paid as much and its alot farther lol.