Package Car Designations

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    In the time I've hung around UPS, and this forum, I hear the terms P-800, P-1000, P-500, etc. when referring to the Package Cars. What exactly does this designate? Length? Weight?

    If someone could post examples of these so I can get as good at ID'ing Package Cars as I am ID'ing Fire Engines and Train Locomotives, along with most military aircraft.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The number following the P refers to the capacity of the vehicle in cubic feet.
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    I have lots of pics of these in my Profile Album under "UPS Stuff". Like Upstate said, the number has to deal with cubic feet in the back of the vehicle. A P-1000 will hold a thousand cubic feet of packages.
  4. If i remember right the first 2 numbers in the pc numbers are the size of the sf of the pc ?? so 100234 would be a p 1000 , 85631 p 800
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    Not always. The old numbering system was like that, but the newer trucks are all over the place. I have P1200's with number like 145448 and P1000's with numbers like 111160. P27's (Dodge Caravans) have numbers like 76999.
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    I never knew them by a P designation. We just called them cubes 5,6,8,10 and eventually I had a stretch 10 before I left for feeder.
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    Makes sense, thanks for the help!