Package car driver ages??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by kingOFchester, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. kingOFchester

    kingOFchester Well-Known Member

    Hey again!!
    How old were you when you first started to drive?
    How old are you now?
    How old will you be when you decide to retire or move on from package car?

    I am 35 and just getting in the system as a part time loader. Will I be to old by the time I make it to driver? :confused:1
  2. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    Depends on when you go driving. 35 is kind of old to start working for UPS. I don't know your situation (as to why you got the job at UPS at age 35) It's best to start young and retire at around 50 to 55 years old. You may be in your 60's when you retire, which in my opinion is way too old.
  3. kingOFchester

    kingOFchester Well-Known Member

    I hope I am not to old!! I can tell you that I am VERY fit. I am use to working 70 hours a week and being on my feet all day. I move a lot of furniture and can lift dressers...TV’s and a lot more items well over 100lbs myself. I work out everyday (running a minimum of an hour a day). Now, I do understand working as a delivery guy will be A LOT more then what I am doing now, but I am not just office worker. Hard labor and working in extreme conditions is not new to me. That said, I do agree that starting at 35 is not ideal, but unfortunately I can't turn back time. Reason for working for UPS....well, I have been self employed since I was 18. It has been a good business but the furniture market has gotten softer and softer over the years. The $'s are not what they once were. Also, no 401k and the stress of owning a business is more then anyone would know. I understand that a driver probably has a lot of stress too, but I am ready to punch a clock and not worry about being sued every time a customer comes in my store. Worry about the lease not be renewed. Worry about paying all the bills that go along with the business. I know what I will hear next from upsers..."Working for UPS is stressful too" And I am not arguing that one bit. But being in a union has its benefits, just as being self employed. I am just ready to give up the stress I have endured over the last 18 years for a entirely new form of stress for my next 30 years. I love to work. I hate sitting on my tush. I hate golfing and the like. I am most happy when I am on a mission. Just time for a new mission. hopefully someone can reassure me that I am not to old. Sorry to ramble. Thanks everyone!!
  4. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    You seem like you can handle being a package car driver.. Good luck to you..
  5. upsgrunt

    upsgrunt Well-Known Member

    I started part time at 19-got a driving gig at 22 and am now 41. I can't imagine starting at your age as I am absolutely worn out now. I'm not saying it can't be done, and I wish you luck, but the day I turn 50 I'm gone. My body will be completely shot by then(at least from the neck down)
    GOOD LUCK!!!
  6. RozUPS

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    I'm in the exact situation you are in. Self emloyed for twenty years and more than ready to give up the headaches and worry and move on..It ages you mentally and emotionally. I'm 44 and working towards driving as well. I pass the drivers in my building on the way out in the morning and most of them are my age.. Hang in there your not too old to do this. Your still a pup:tongue_sm
  7. kingOFchester

    kingOFchester Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys!! I don't think of myself as old!! LOL....but, the unusual white spot that is starting to show on the crown of my head seems to be dictating something else!!
  8. samiam

    samiam I wish, there for I am?

    I was 18 years old when I started at UPS, 2 months out of high school. I started driving 4 years later in the early/mid 90's. I turned down the first time they ask me to go full time, and waited almost a year before I got asked again. There is no way I could start out as a driver at my age now, 35. Body has been through too many UPS years. However, if I did not work for UPS for all these years I might. I'll tell you this, I'm glad I started UPS when I did, but because I've been there so long now, I've got no way out. Where the hell is a punk-*ss like me going to go, with just a few years of college, and make the money we make with the beni's we get.
  9. RozUPS

    RozUPS New Member

    I don't think of my self as old either.. If preload does not kill me first I should be ok..:crying: :wink:
  10. Fnix

    Fnix Active Member

    How long until you can retire doing PT/Full time driving? Do they add up?

    IE 35 years to retire with pension. Say I worked preload for 5. So it's now 40?
  11. helenofcalifornia

    helenofcalifornia Well-Known Member

    OK, maybe this is a West coast thing, but I have never heard of a UPS driver as describing themselves as a "delivery person." I think of myself as a "driver." But, you are right, technically, we are "delivery people. And I think you will do just fine. You sound like you are ambitious and know what you want which is more than a lot of UPS'ers do. Good luck and don't over think the process.
  12. hockey717

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    started with bigbrown part time in 1972 i was 22 years old started driving fulltime in 1977 i am now 56 and will be retiring with 35 yrs. service in july of 08 so all you new guy's good luck i hope ups is still around for you to make it that far.
  13. disneyworld

    disneyworld Active Member

    Started inside at 19, driving at 21, will be 40 in 2 months. I can't imagine worrying about everything when owning a business. Punching out every night and leaving the job behind might make it all worthwhile to you.
  14. ang

    ang New Member

    My husband is 54 and has been driving for UPS full time for 30 years. He is pretty worn out from working 59 hour weeks, but still loves his job. He has a great route in the country where his music and talk radio keep him company all day! He's hanging in for another 5 years till he retires. Great pay, great benefits!
  15. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider 34 yrs & counting

    Started driving at 27 years old and just turned 50. Seven more years and color me gone.
  16. old levi's

    old levi's I use to care... but things have changed

    Started driving at 44
    55 now
    Won't live long enough to retire
  17. trouble maker

    trouble maker Member

    Was 18 when I started in 1984, started driving in '87. I am now 42. If everything stays the same, I leave at 50 with 31 years of service. 7 more turkeys to go. yooooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    Started with UPS at 18 on July 29, 1993.

    How old were you when you first started to drive?
    I was 21 when I started driving on April 8, 1996. I was actually qualified before my 21 st birthday and had to wait it out. I turned 21 on March 25 but they "needed" me to stay on preload an extra 2 weeks.

    How old are you now?

    How old will you be when you decide to retire or move on from package car?

    I decide to retire everyday I walk across the parking lot and into the double doors. I would like to leave when I am 50, but who knows when it iwll actually happen.
  19. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    Hey king,I was hired off the street as a driver 17 years ago.I was 35 years old then,and I`m 52 now.Although the job feels physically harder now,I find it has gotten easier over the years because you learn how to deal with what seems like an impossible mission almost every day! By the time Friday rolls around I`m pretty tired,but I plan on doing it AT LEAST 8 more years.The main thing about lasting long is following the methods they teach you.They really do work.You have a great attitude and I see no reason why you couldn`t have a long prosperous tenure as a ups driver.
  20. dammor

    dammor Active Member

    Started preload in 1980.
    Went driving in 1984
    I'm 52 and feeling it.
    Will retire soon IF Central States allows me to.

    Good luck to you. To me 35 is young.
    Take care of yourself. You will do fine.