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  1. Hello, I'm a a pre loader who is almost to his end of the year. I want to put my name on the drivers list but I have an infraction currently on my record. The infraction will be gone next year. My question is whether your driving record will be checked once your name is called and you are offered a driver position or if it is checked immediately when put on the list? Thanks!

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  2. Wally

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    It's the first. They will check after. Good luck!
  3. Where I'm at you can't have any infractions in 12 months.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    That's basically what the OP said----the infraction will be still be on his record when he signs the bid sheet but should be gone by the time they call his name.
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    Like I was told when I was first hired, sign EVERY bid list that is for a position you want . The worst that can happen is you won't get the bid, but best case scenario, you go into delivery.
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  6. Sign the list. They will ask you before they train you. Just be honest.
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    We have one guy that now walks to work every day because he's gotten some type of tickets numerous times right before he's due to go driving.
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    he will soon be the boss !! lol